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"24 Karat Kat" is an episode of Tom and Jerry Tales.




In the 19th Century Sutter's Mill, Claim Jumpers Tom and Butch scheme to steal gold from Jerry's Claim, but in the end they are stopped by their own bad efforts. This led to the two claim-jumping cats getting arrested by Sheriff Spike and taken to jail while little Jerry becomes a very wealthy mouse. In the end, Butch says this was a lousy idea and Tom beats him after they were in jail.


  • This is the last Tom and Jerry Tales episode to air in 2007.
  • Butch's design from Tom and Jerry: A Nutcracker Tale is reused in this episode being the first and only time it is ever used.
  • This was the second Tom & Jerry Tales episode to have a real life stock image, first was The Cat Whisperer.
  • The fool's gold that Tom and Butch were tricked into taking:
    • Chocolate coin wrapped in gold foil
    • Golden record
    • Turkey leg painted gold