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A Class Of Their Own is an episode of the fourth season of The Tom and Jerry Show (2014). It is the 216th episode overall


When Tom and Jerry's detective licence expires, they go to the police station to train yet some "familiar" classmates come as they want to "change sides".


The episode starts: Tom and Jerry are trying to open a briefcase. Then the police came in. They are checking the detective licenses.  Tom and Jerry hand their detective licenses to the police officers. They look at them and these are expired for quite a while. Their pictures are from the 1980s or retro. Tom and Jerry need new licenses.

They reported to the police station for retraining tomorrow at 8:00 a.m. Tom and Jerry arrived at the police station in the classroom. Tom opens a desk then suddenly someone closes on them. Tom said “Ow,” Then encounters butch and meathead, two criminals masterminds. They are here too because they want to beat Tom and Jerry at their own game. Tom and Jerry don’t think Butch and Meathead make good detectives. Then jerry mess butch whispers cause a chain reaction. They are about to beat up Tom and Jerry but they are interrupting Sergeant Jones’ whistle. He said to line up. Tom, Jerry, and butch run and line up. Then sergeant jones said, “good morning cadets, My name is…” Meathead whistles and walks over to him. He blows his whistle again and Meathead lines up. He said “My name is Sergeant Jones. But you maggots can call me sir.”  Butch speak and said “ya sure do sergeant Jones” Sergeant jones step on him and said try again cadet. Butch said, “ I mean yes sir.”

Meathead thought it was funny and laughing. Then sergeant Jones steps on him too. He said quietly and he said the only words that should be coming out of their mouths are  “Sir yes sir!” He continues to stomp on them and flatten them. Tom and Jerry are approached by Jones and he said their hates are not allowed and push their hats off their heads. Then he instructed Tom and Jerry to wear regulated uniforms at all times. He blows his whistle again.

To become detectives, They have passed his test. They either get an A or an F. Their first test is disguising themselves. They use items to box to blend in. they are getting going. Jones is counting to three while they are searching through the box. Buch and Meathead are staying at the statue while Tom and Jerry are disguising themselves as a statue of liberty. Butch hit jerry with twigs and run away. Tom and Jerry get an F for the first test.

For the second assignment, Racing, They handle a car at top speeds. The winner gets an A and the loser gets an F. Meathead sabotages Tom’s car. They were driving then suddenly the steering wheel broke off and crashed into a wall. Jones gives Tom and Jerry another F.

Their third assignment to find a needle in the haystack. They would be timed. Jones said ready and blew his whistle. Tom and Jerry are looking for needle in the haystack while Butch and Meathead stole Jones’ whistle. Jones looks for his whistle but he can’t find it and cries.  Tom and Jerry found hay lead outside toward a construction site across the street. Butch and Meathead try to rid of the whistle but fail at every device they use. Jerry has a plan to get the whistle and whisper to Tom. Butch said, “The only way to get rid of the whistle was to bury it!” Meathead suggested burying it in concrete. Butch and Meathead walk to the concrete mixer while Tom and Jerry execute their plan to get the whistle. Jerry gets on the seesaw and Tom launches him. Jerry grabs the whistle before Butch throws it into the mixer. Butch says to jerry to give the whistle to them but Jerry throws the whistle to Tom.  Butch and meathead run down to tom to get the whistle but Tom throws it to Jones. Jones gives Meathead and Butch an F and kicks them out of class and launches them out and puts his whistle back on. Jones congratulates Tom and Jerry for finding his whistle and he gives them an A+. They pass. Tom and Jerry's license renewed, The good people of Tolucalville can rest more. The cat and mouse detectives are back on the case. The episode ends and transitions to credits.