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"A Connecticut Mouse in King Arthur's Cork" is the forty-third episode of The Tom and Jerry Comedy Show. written by Coslough Johnson.


Tom ends up in the Medieval Times.


Main Characters

Supporting Characters

Minor Characters


Jerry sneaks by the living room until Tom shocks by surprise with a balloon causing Jerry to run to the bookshelf as Tom crashes into it, awhile climbing up the bookshelf, Jerry runs awhile Tom grabs a book from the top shelf, which then reads book awhile falling. Tom falls from the sky and ends up in a Village in Medieval Times, Tom lands on the ground awhile a cat calls out to the village that the dreaded knight is coming, the villages are alert and are running out to hide, a cat king, King Arthur enlists Tom to capture the dreaded knight and given half his kingdom and his daughter Gwen in marriage, as they runaway, Tom is encountered by a punch glove which a horse is seen, and the dreaded knight turns out to be Jerry, Tom's points out the idea the dreaded knight is a mouse, as the mouse makes a raspberry, Tom as soon chases after Jerry inside of a castle.

After capturing the dreaded knight, King Arthur, Princess Gwen and the whole town cheers at Tom and carry him to King Arthur court, He congrats Tom for capturing the dreaded mouse, as King Arthur says "The Cat is mighter than the Mouse" Jerry escapes out of the box and runs underneath his King Arthur's robe, as a reward for Tom's heroism he will make him a knight he uses the Excalibur sword to honor before getting interupted by Jerry who tickles King Arthur and lands on Tom's hands, King Arthur panics as the mouse escape, Jerry scares King Arthur, Gwen and everyone in the King Aruth's court by his raspberry except Tom, Jerry then put the crown on Tom as he chases Jerry he trips and flies out of the window into a porpise's mouth. Tom wakes from a dream, Jerry gets his attention by dropping drops of water on him and the chase is started once again.


  • Lou Scheimer - Tom, Jerry, King Arthur, Porpoise, Cat Villagers
  • Frank Welker - Cat Villagers
  • Linda Gary - Princess Gwen, Cat Villagers


  • This episode has the longest title in the series.
  • Butch Cat appears as one of King Arthur's knights when he cheers for Tom after he has captured Jerry.
  • Meathead Cat also makes an appearance in this episode.
    • The unnamed brown cat or Meathead reappears in series again after New Mouse in the House with some minor changes.
  • Final Tom and Jerry Comedy Show episode to feature the voices of Frank Welker and Linda Gary, who both voiced the cat villagers along with Lou Scheimer, Frank Welker did the voice of the cat shouting "Yippee!"
  • Porpoise from the Chuck Jones Tom and Jerry cartoons is seen guarding the castle moat.
  • The cats are as scared of mice as much as Tom's scaredy-cat cousin George from Timid Tabby.
  • The music that is played during in King Arthur's Court is a Filmation music used in some shows.
    • It is notably in Fraidy Cat can be music occasionally heard, usually from this character that is on-screen.[1]


  • Awhile Jerry rides on a shield tries to activate the switch, then Tom appears behind the shield.