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Tom and Jerry - 1980 (Western Publishing) - 64 pages - staple bound

Limited Information

Weird Book

There is not a lot of information about this book, on this book. But as it reprints comic stories from Gold Key comic issues, and that this book was published during the time that Western Publishing had the US Tom & Jerry license, it's a pretty good guess that this book was published by Western Publishing.

Reprints Comics

This book reprints comic stories from Gold Key issues of Tom and Jerry. The comics were originally in color, but they are black and white here. 2-3 panels per page, vertically. Wide panels are either made into 2 panels, or cropped to fit. Which is only noticeable if you compare the two versions of the comics.

Unknown Origins

It is hard to speculate where this book came from. Generally if you get a free comic with a thing, it's generally an issue of March Of Comics. In 1977 Whitman (Western Publishing) put out a series of 4 jigsaw puzzles, named "Bonus Puzzles" on the boxes and in the ads in various Gold Key comics that summer, that featured an issue of March Of Comics in each boxed puzzle. (Those puzzles were Bugs Bunny, Tweety & Sylvester, Road Runner and The Pink Panther.)

If this book was a mail-away prize from a cereal or something, there would generally be branding on the book for Kellogg's, General Mills or whoever.

Wherever this book came from, there is a Daffy Duck book just like it w/o any info on it, about it.


  1. Tom and Jerry - A Real Gone Mouse! - 13 pages - reprinted from ?
  2. Tom and Jerry - Game Time - 12 pages - reprinted from Tom & Jerry #274 Gold Key Sep 1973 (Originally 5 pages)
  3. Tom and Jerry - Wheeler Dealer - 13 pages - reprinted from Tom & Jerry #271 Gold Key June 1973 (Originally 5 pages)
  4. Tom and Jerry - Moose Truce - 12 pages - reprinted from ?
  5. Tom and Jerry - Lights, Action, Camera - 12 pages - reprinted from Tom & Jerry #273 Gold Key Aug 1973 (Originally 5 pages)

Back of the Book Blurb

Tom & Jerry—and Tuffy, too—are playing to beat the band! In these five hilarious stories, you favorite cat-and-mouse games—with rib-tickling results!