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Abusement Park is an episode of Tom & Jerry Kids.


In a sequel from the previous episode title "Destructive Construction", Blast-off Buzzard and his gang of buzzards go after Crazy Legs Snake; they enter The Desert Oasis Amusement Park where Crazy Legs happens to be there and fooling around them and the chase resumes by using various amusement rides.



  • Blast-Off Buzzard
  • Gang of Buzzards
  • Crazy Legs Snake


  • This is second and last of the two Blast-Off Buzzard segments in Tom & Jerry Kids.
  • In the 70's, neither Blast-Off nor Crazy Legs spoke a word, but in this episode and the first episode in "Destructive Construction", they do.
  • The name is a pun on the word Amusement and the less-freundlich word Abusement.