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Ace and Rocco are a duo of dogs that appear in The Tom and Jerry Show (2014) and first appeared in Junkyard Pup. They also appear in Tom and Jerry in New York. Ace is voiced by Dave Boat, while Rocco is voiced by Keith Ferguson.


They are mostly seen with each other.


Ace is a yellowish-brown dog and the skinnier and shorter of the two, while Rocco is a red-brown dog and is much larger and bulkier.


The Tom and Jerry Show

Season 4

Season 5

Tom and Jerry in New York

Season 2

  • Stunt Double Tom (cameo)
  • Surfer Supreme (silhouette cameo)
  • Doggie Championship (cameo)


  • Ace shares his name with other characters who use the same name, some of which are dogs just like him. This includes Ace Hart from the Jim Henson animated series Dog City, Ace the Bat-Hound from DC Comics, and even the late canine actor Ace the Wonder Dog.
  • Rocco's name could be a likely reference to the nickname used by Rocky Balboa, the titular character from the Rocky film series.
    • There were even two dogs who shared Rocco's name. One was a puppy that was rescued by Tom Hardy's character Bob Saginowski in the 2014 film The Drop. The other was a puppet from the Canadian puppet series Puppets Who Kill.
  • Ace and Rocco's names are likely references to Moose and Rocco, two minor villains from the Disney animated series Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers.


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