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Advance and Be Mechanized is a 1967 entry in the classic series and one of the Chuck Jones collection of entries, directed and animated by Ben Washam with accompanied animation by Dick Tompson, Don Townsley and Philip Roman and produced by Chuck Jones, with backgrounds by Philip DeGuard alongside Thelma Winter (unc.) for archive footage backgrounds. As the backgrounds suggest, this entry of the Chuck Jones era is the last entry within the space-theme trilogy, set entirely in space. This is a unique cartoon for reusing footage from other entries, along with Matinee Mouse and Shutter Bugged Cat; co-incidentally, the latter title precedes this entry.




The cartoon starts on another planet. One day, Jerry wants to get some cheese from the other room. He uses his robotic counterpart (Robot-Jerry) to go over the room. The robot mouse dashes into the room, taking a pile of cheese before leaving.

Meanwhile, Tom is a policeman who, as he tries to look at the situation in a panoramic area, sees the mouse toy from the camera. He calls for his robotic counterpart (Mechano) to get rid of him, once and for all. The mouse robot returns to the hole, but Mechano grabs his tail, unscrews him bit by bit until destroyed, then he takes the cheese, while Jerry is sitting, with drooping ears, sad at how he had lost his meal. Tom is seen laughing at Jerry's misfortune as Mechano returns to his master, then he pats the robot cat as if to say: "Good job." In the next scene, Tom is starving as a lunch whistle starts to blow loudly. Tom runs to a line of robots, who are waiting at a machine to give them some oil. When Tom was fed, and realizes that it tastes bad, he punches the machine. He sets to kick it until it "grabs" him and kicks him.

Tom is back to work until he sees Jerry coming outside from his hole, he chases the mouse so that he can eat him as he enters the same machine Tom ate from. He goes over a coin slot, ends up stuttered in a hamburger, with an arm putting some spicy chili sauce on him. It explodes in hotness, Jerry puts it in the hamburger, Tom eats it and it explodes in spiciness. The machine then gives him water.

The same scene as Tom sees robot-Jerry again continues. After being spotted robot-Jerry rushes once again from the camera, Tom calls for his minion. Then, in a chase reminiscent to the Guided Mouse-Ille, Mechano chases robot-Jerry, but robot-Jerry levitates himself into the air. Mechano extends his legs up and tries again, but then robot-Jerry drops himself. Mechano continues his chase until he almost wrecked over some obstacles. Mechano crouches to avoid a large fixture and then extends himself high to avoid a second one. He chases robot-Jerry again until he hits over a doorjamb.

An injured Mechano gets angry with Tom (as Tom gasps as his robot-cat takes control, tries to scold his robotic cat), and turns him into a minion, the same thing happens to Jerry as he becomes the robot mouse's minion. The robotic animals control their both organic leaders as Tom punching with Jerry, maniacally over and over.


  • This is the third and final time that a space composite has been shown since Guided Mouse-Ille and O-Solar Meow
  • The end of this episode is quite similar to the end of "Push-Button Kitty", but its opposite made Robocat and Robot Mouse turn Tom and Jerry into robots, while the previous episode was where Jerry made Tom a robot by eating the cat machine.
  • With only 4 minutes and 52 seconds of footage (not counting the credits and cards), "Advance and Be Mechanized" is the shortest Tom and Jerry short ever made in the Golden Age of American Animation, much shorter than Matinee Mouse.