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The baby's mother is an unnamed parent and guardian of her son. She hires Eliza to watch the baby while she is out, but is unaware that the babysitter relies on the telephone. She appears in the beginning and end of "Tom, the Babysitter".

Physical Appearance

The baby's mother is a Caucasian woman who has light tan skin, long brunette feathered hair, and white eyes with dark brown irises.

Apparel and Cosmetics

The baby's mother wears a maroon blazer with white accents, a white blouse underneath, and a knee-length bell skirt. She also wears a pair of pink earrings and a pair of white high-heeled pumps. Her cosmetics include maroon lipstick and thick black eyelashes.


The baby's mother is caring and affectionate for her own son. She is very strict and forbids anyone (including Tom and Jerry) aside from herself and the babysitter to be in contact with the baby. She is easily angered if anyone whom she forbids contact with the baby bends her rules. She also tends to be gullible, in which she gives into the babysitter lying to her about doing her job when the she was on the phone the entire time and that Tom ended up intervening to do the job for her.


  • While she, the babysitter, and the baby only appear in "Tom, the Babysitter", her husband has never been shown, thus having an unconfirmed marital status. It's likely her husband may be on a business trip like most working fathers, or that he's deceased, or they are divorced, due to his lack of presence in the show,
  • She has a pet dog whose likeness resembles Fido, but is smaller than him in appearance, and is brown.