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The baby is an unnamed infant who appears in "Tom, the Babysitter". He is the son of his mother. Eliza who must babysit him relies on the telephone and barely does her job, unless she finds Tom in contact with the baby.

Physical Appearance

The baby is Caucasian and has thin clumps of hair on his head. His eyes, unlike the other characters, are depicted as tiny black dots. His only apparel is a white slip-on cloth diaper.


While little is known about his personality, he is overactive and risks his own stunts of climbing out of his crib and crawling around the house and usually bumps into walls and other obstacles before turning another direction, and also tends to take stunts of crawling out of the house. He was also shown to hit Tom on the head with his bottle, regardless if Tom did or did not intend to bother him.


Baby Diaper Goof.png
  • The shape of the baby's diaper shifts between shots: actual diapers which never have leggings to having leggings that would resemble a pair of shorts and vice-versa.