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Baby Booties is the son of Thomasina Cat and the nephew of Tom Cat. His first and only appearance is in Babysitting Blues.


He was left to play with his uncle while his mother goes on some errands. but when Tom plays with his, he always gets hurt because of his size and weight. but he gets scared at the presence of Jerry's nephew, Sniffles, which interrupts Tom's time with him.


Like any other baby, he's very playful. He's also very loyal to his uncle, but he has a fear of mice, which puts him into protective mode.


He's a brown giant overweight kitten who wears a diaper and a rag bib. He also wears purple socks.


  • His fear of mice is similar to Tom's cousin, George.
  • Fans mistaken Baby Booties for being a girl, but is a he as his mother Thomasina calls him "he".