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the scene were tom find baby butch in the fridge,tom carry butch with fridge door open.but when tom chasing jerry to get the meat,the door is closed.
In the scene where Tom finds Butch in the fridge, Tom carries Butch with fridge door open but when Tom was chasing Jerry to get the ham, the fridge door is closed.

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Baby Butch
Baby Butch is a Tom and Jerry cartoon made in 1953. It was the 84th cartoon made.


Tom and Jerry tend to a babysit a cat they find outside of the house, but they start to suspect things when they notice his strange behavior.


Butch searches for food in a dirty alleyway and puts whatever he likes into the item he's carrying it in. He spots a bottle of milk on someone's doorstep and sneaks over to steal it. But he incidentally swipes an empty bottle after Tom opens the door and switches the two. He then sees a ham on the window seal and attempts to get it, only for Tom to take it and slam the window on his fingers and put it into the fridge.

Butch watches before an idea forms. He picks some items out of the trashcan nearby, including a bassinet, baby hat, and a big white shirt. He turns the shirt into a diaper and puts the hat on. He then pulls the bassinet over to the door. He then pulls the blanket over himself and knocks on the door after he takes the note he wrote out. Tom brings him inside and has him wait a moment. Once he's gone, Butch gets up and quickly runs to the kitchen to grab the ham from earlier. By the time he returns to the bassinet however, Tom is also returning so he tosses it aside and gets back into the bassinet. When Tom returns he gives Butch a bottle of milk. When he drinks it, Butch acts disgusted and spits it out, until remembering he's supposed to be a baby and quickly covers it up.

Jerry comes into the room and finds the ham behind the catch. Tom leaves and Butch happens to notice, so he grabs the ham and smashes Jerry with it before hiding it beneath the bassinet.  After Tom burps him, he leaves again, this time bringing Butch. Jerry comes by to see the ham and tries to steal it again, only for a repeat of his earlier attempt after Tom leaves to get a hot kettle of water. When he returns, he pours the water into the bath and grabs the ham thinking it was Butch. The moment he sees however, Butch is quick to swap places and lowers the ham, which Jerry grabs once again!

Butch is put into the water before he jumps out, incidentally shoving Tom into it while he gives chase. After he hits his head, Tom finds him and Butch points Jerry and the ham out. Tom chases Jerry while Butch goes to raid the fridge. When he sees them coming he is quick to hide. Tom grabs the ham and puts it into the fridge when he finds Butch. Butch points it out in hopes of eating it without difficulty. Instead of listening though, Tom puts the ham down and grabs Butch, leading him into another room. Unknown to him, Butch grabs the ham again. When Jerry steals it again he points it out to Tom. When Jerry runs by he grabs the ham. Having enough Jerry makes Tom stop and look to Butch, who is raiding the fridge and stealing all of the food.

Tom grabs the ham back and they grab it from each other until Butch slams the refrigerator door on him. Butch makes his grand escape but not paying attention, he slams into the lower half, which sends him flying out the door and back outside.

Later on, Tom and Jerry are preparing to eat the ham when they see Butch near the window. He acts like a baby again and they decide to be a little nice and let him get a piece of ham. Then when he cuts a little slice, he puts it down and grabs the ham entirely,Tom and Jerry try to prevent him as the short concludes.


In the scene where Tom finds Butch in the fridge, Tom carries Butch with fridge door open but when Tom was chasing Jerry to get the ham, the fridge door is closed.


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