Barnacle Paul (also known as Purple Pirate Paul) is a character appearing in Tom and Jerry: Shiver Me Whiskers. He first appears when Tom and Jerry set foot on the island and trespass in his lair. He is not as menacing as his brothers (and enemies), Bob and Ron, are, but, like they do, he is after the Treasure of the Spanish Main. He's' the only one of the brothers who speak normally as opposed to Bon and Ron who just say 'Yar'. After they set foot into his lair, Paul warns that Tom and Jerry are in danger if the press forward, and states his motivation for going to Yo-ho Island (where the treasure is) in the first place. In their youth, Paul and his brothers loved treasure maps, but their love for the Treasure of the Spanish Mane destroyed their love for each other, causing the trio to fight among themselves instead of work together. In the end, Paul and his brothers fight over the treasure and then are stranded on the island while being chased by a giant stone chicken when Tom and Jerry bring Bob's ship under their control. In the accompanying short "Where thy be now?" it's revealed that Paul and his brothers have ended their rivalry between one another and created a fast food chain selling fried coconuts and bananas on the island. They also managed to capture the stone chicken at some point and became the brothers' cook. He is voiced by Wallace Shawn.


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