Barney Bear is an anthropomorphic cartoon character created by Rudolf Ising. He is a sluggish, sleepy bear who often is in pursuit of nothing but peace and quiet. He also appears in many Tom and Jerry media like The Tom and Jerry Comedy Show, Tom and Jerry Meet Sherlock Holmes, and Tom and Jerry: Back to Oz..

In the comics, along with Tom & Jerry, Barney Bear appeared in the first issue of Our Gang from Dell August 1942. Barney Bear appeared in most of the Dell issues and some of the Gold Key issues. Some of the stories are "solo" Barney Bear stories, some are Barney Bear and Benny Burro stories and some are Barney Bear with Fuzzy & Wuzzy stories. Barney Bear also had his own series of comics in Australia that went 10 issues from 1949-1950.

Uncle Scrooge creator Carl Barks worked on many of the Barney Bear stories and those have been collected in various prestigious hardcover books from many publishers around the world.

Spire, the Christian comics company know for their Archie comics, published at least 8 single issues of an unrelated Barney Bear comic that seems more like a Christian version of The Berenstain Bears, than anything related to the famous MGM Bear. The comics were published 1977-1982. Barbour Publishing appears to have reprinted some of these comics 1986-1991.



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The Tom and Jerry Comedy Show

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