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"Bat Mouse" is the tenth episode of Tom & Jerry Kids written by Dennis Marks.





Jerry puts on a Bat Mouse outfit he mail-ordered to deal with Tom, but When His attempts fail, His one weapon that he'll use is His belt with a button which can summon the real Bat Mouse.


As Jerry Reads a Bat Mouse Comic Book, He hears a Doorbell and heard a Package drop on the Floor, so He grabs it, and inside was a Bat Mouse Costume and a Bat Mouse Fan Club VHS. Jerry places the Cassette in His Small VCR, and we see Bat Mouse giving His Viewer, some tips on how to rid of Cats, as Jerry puts on His Costume. Unknown to Jerry Tom listens in with a Stethoscope, and goes to His Bed, acting like He doesn't know, after seeing Jerry, He whacks the mouse with a Flyswatter leaving Him Dazed as He went back to the Mouse hole. Tom continues to listen in on Bat Mouse's Advice to Jerry but becomes offended when Bat Mouse called a Certain type of Cat Stupid. Bat Mouse advises Jerry on how to do Bat-itsu, and Jerry goes to Suplex Tom unsuccessfully, as the Kitten Feigns Sleep. then, Tom Flicks Jerry away. against the Mouse Hole's Door. Bat Mouse encourages Jerry as the Hero demonstrates the Horrible Face of Terror as the screen turns to black.

Minutes Later, as the screen turns back to the picture, Jerry makes Silly Faces at Tom, but Tom pulls out a Scary Mask, Scaring the Mouse into giving Up, but the Televised Bat Mouse tells the Viewer about the Red Bat Mouse Buckle Beeper Button, and when it's Pressed, the Real Bat Mouse comes. so, Jerry did just that. and Bat Mouse came in a Flash telling Jerry that any Evil Cats threaten, He advises Jerry to press the Button. which gave Jerry an Evil Look in His Eyes. Jerry marches onward in front of Tom, waking Him up. and as the Kitten was about to whack Jerry with the Flyswatter, the Mouse summons Bat Mouse with the Belt, and Bat Mouse Pulls Tom's Whiskers, then strikes Tom with His own Flyswatter, then flies off, leaving Tom surprised as Jerry walks off as the screen turns to black again.

Later, as the screen turns back to the picture again, When Jerry comes out and Tom was about to Pounce the Mouse, Jerry summons Bat Mouse Yet again who flattens Tom with a Bowling Ball as the screen turns to black yet again. Eventually, as the screen turns back to the picture yet again, Tom hides in a Closet as He searches the Yellow Pages to Counter against Bat Mouse, and sees an Ad for Bat Cat. so, Tom calls Bat Cat for help, as Jerry snoops in on Tom. Bat Cat drops in clumsily and manages to get Jerry, but accidentally Pressed the Belt's Button, summoning Bat Mouse, who whacks Bat Cat's Head and as a Clash of Superheroes was about to Start, Bat Mouse tells Bat Cat to hold it, saying that Superheroes shouldn't fight one another, and fight against Supervillains, so They go off into the horizon to fight Supervillains, as Jerry waves Goodbye. but sees Tom full of Rage, but calms down after Jerry threatens to press the Button, making Tom let Jerry off. and after Jerry victoriously enters His Mouse Hole, Tom Kicks the Door which Hurts His Right Foot as the Screen Irises Out.


  • This title of Bat Mouse's name looks exactly like Batman's from Dc Comics.
  • This is the first time that this episode unaired on Boomerang in the year 2012, so they switched it to Toliver's Twist.