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Not to be confused with Beach Bully.

"Beach Bully Bingo" is the twenty-ninth episode of Tom and Jerry Tales directed by Neal Sternecky, written by Richard Pursel and storyboard by Bob Foster and Neal Sternecky. This episode involves Tom and Jerry helping Spike the Bulldog and Butch the Cat to settle their differences at a local beach.





  • Squid


Spike and Butch argue, and in the process hog the whole beach. Tom and Jerry coincidentally had scheduled a vacation to the beach that day with two new girlfriends. So they work together to get rid of Spike and Butch from the beach.

Butch and Spike went angry saying Locals Only, Soul Beach, but interfere by Tom and Jerry's personal necessities.

Butch and Spike are shown to be very muscular in this episode. Spike appears to be very beefcake looking, while Butch appears fit but still muscular. Spike is more muscular than Butch but he has more body fat. Butch isn't as pumped when it comes to the biceps, but he has very trained pecs and has well defined legs too. Spike maybe has bigger biceps and chest muscles but Butch has a more trained stomach, since he slightly has abs.


  • Numerous elements could have been recycled from "Beach Bully", an episode of The Tom and Jerry Show (1975).
  • The Butch's fly a butterfly and sting like a bee is a reference to legendary boxer Muhammad Ali's theme song ( " Catch me if you can " ).
  • The Beach Bully did not return in this episode as he's replaced by Spike and Butch.
  • A interesting thing that Butch (a cat) was firlting with Toots (a mouse), while Spike (a dog) was firlting with Toodles (a cat).
  • Tom returns to wear his old red bathing suit, this is the third time since Salt Water Tabby and Muscle Beach Tom.
  • Since Butch is so muscular in this episode, fans confuse him as a different cat.
  • In the end, Tom and his girlfriend share chocolate-dipped ice cream bars. In real life, chocolate is considered toxic to cats.
  • In the shot where the viewer(s) see the remote island that Tom and Jerry are on, the scene is shown in 15 frames per second. Also, the ocean isn't properly looped.
  • Toodles is blue for an unknown reason.

In other languages

Names, etymology and in other regions
Language Name Definition, etymology and notes
Japanese 最後に勝つのは誰だ? Who will win last?
German Ein Tag am Meer A day at the sea
French Trêve estivale Summer break
Italian Bulli da spiaggia Beach bullies
Spanish Guerra por la playa War for the beach
Portuguese Sai da Minha Praia Get off My Beach



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