"Beefcake Tom" is the thirty-fifth episode of Tom and Jerry Tales, originally airing on January 27, 2007. It is directed by Neal Sternecky, written by Mark Turosz and storyboard by Bob Foster and Charles Visser.


At night, Tom is watching television while eating pizza and drinking at the same time. After he's finished with his soda can, he throws it at Jerry's mouse hole, and the mouse comes out shortly afterward. Jerry signals for Tom to chase him and runs off, but comes back after realizing that Tom isn't chasing him. Jerry then climbs on top of Tom to see that Tom is too focused on the TV to do anything. Jerry takes the remote and smacks Tom in the face with it, angering him, Jerry runs through a hole in the door, while Tom runs into the door and gets slingshotted back before opening the door. Jerry sticks the remote in Spike's mouth before Tom pulls it out, angering Spike into beating him up. Tom lands next to Jerry, who runs off, prompting To to chase him. The chase continues into the streets, where Tom's stomach makes him slower than Jerry as well as quickly exhausting him. Jerry turns around to see Tom, already completely exhausted, leaning on a light post catching his breath, Jerry taunts him by punching Tom in the stomach. Angered, Tom tries to throw his own stomach away, only to throw himself with it, though he quickly gets back up and continues the chase, however he exhausts himself quickly again. Jerry taunts Tom again by punching him repeatedly in the nose.

The End






Tom and Jerry Tales Beefcake Tom Boomerang UK 🇬🇧

Tom and Jerry Tales Beefcake Tom Boomerang UK 🇬🇧

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