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Belly Achin' is the eleventh episode of The Tom and Jerry Show (2014).


Quacker Wants to go Swimming, but the problem is that the birdbath is broken so he asks Jerry for help.


Quacker Wants to go Swimming, but the problem is that the birdbath is broken so he asks Jerry for help.

Meanwhile, Tom orders Chinese takeout for lunch and he tries unsuccessfully to eat with chopsticks, so he goes to get a fork instead. Jerry and Quacker are distracted by the delicious aroma of the Chinese food on the table and then they dive right in and eat. When Tom returns with a fork, he is shocked to find the food gone and furious for what they did. The cat daggers an angry look as if to say, "You! You ate my lunch! What have you got to say for yourselves now?"

Quacker timidly apologizes but then the duck, mouse and cat spot a fortune cookie and dive right for it, and only little Quacker manages to snag the fortune and it reads, "It's your lucky day!" much to his delight, thinking that today could be the day he can go swimming, but Tom snatches the fortune from him and receives a series of bad luck.

Later, Little Quacker and Jerry are eaten by Tom and they find themselves inside the cat's stomach. Meanwhile, satisfied with his meal, Tom kicks back and watches television.

Jerry uses the eaten chow mein noodle as a rope in an attempt to exit Tom's stomach as he ties to the cat's uvula and then he climbs right up to the throat. When Tom discovers Jerry, he is furious that the little brown mouse's attempt to escape, and with that, he quickly grabs a hair dryer and turns it on, forcing Jerry right back into the stomach.

Upon Jerry's return to Tom's stomach, Quacker suggests that they take the path to the alternate route (which leads to the intestines) but Jerry shakes his head no, knowing where the path leads them and exactly where it ends.

Suddenly, Tom pokes his belly to torment his captives, but they retaliate by punching the inside of the stomach, and they continue to relentlessly thrash about inside the belly until the cat finally spits the duck and mouse out next to the sink.

Tom Grabs Jerry and Quacker Again, but Jerry holds on to the Sink Fossil. Tom Notices this And pulls harder, But ends up Breaking the sink.

The sink ends up in Tom's Mouth While the Broken Fossil water is running. Little Quacker mistakes this for a birdbath and says "Today's My Lucky Day" And then swims in the water. Tom looks at the viewer with a Furious Expression. Then Jerry Laughs about this situation.