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Benny Bulldog is a character that appears in The Tom and Jerry Show (2014), He appears as the main antagonist in Top Dog. He is voiced by Stephen Stanton.


Benny is seen to be stronger and bulkier than Spike. He constantly bullied him, Tom, Jerry, and Tuffy to point they are turned to his servants. He is also seen to have a fear of spider webs, and practically anything to do with spiders. This also happens to Benny's one and only weakness. Tom, Jerry, Tuffy, and Spike took advantage of this to scare the bullying bulldog. After that, he promised never to bother them again, and ran back to his yard and set up a brick wall next to the hedge between his and their yards.


He is a black/grey bulldog that wears a teal collar. He also appears to be much bigger than spike; for instance, his arms/front legs are much more muscular than Spike's, and his nose is also bigger.


Season 5


  • His voice is very likely based off of Brad Garrett, given his deep voice.