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Benny Burro is a curious donkey who accompanies Barney on several occasions, but mostly when he's in the west (Benny Burro never spoke, but he did speak in comic books), His first appearance is in Our Gang Comics #3 He is featured in his own comic stories or in Barney Bear comic stories.

In Tom and Jerry's Giant Adventure, Benny was once again paired with Barney.


Like Tom & Jerry and Barney Bear, Benny Burro's first comic appearance was in the first issue of Our Gang Comics from Dell comics, with a cover date of August 1942.

Benny Burro had numerous appearances in the comics. Benny Burro had many stories where he was the headlining character, but he was also in rotation with Mooseface McElk and Fuzzy & Wuzzy for playing second banana to Barney Bear. Benny Burro featured in many stories during the 1942-1962 Dell era, but appeared less and less in the Gold Key/Whitman era. Benny Burro's comic appearances are few and far between in the post Gold Key/Whitman era.