Big Feet (episode)

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Big Feet is the forty-seventh episode of The Tom and Jerry Show (1975).



Oh no!! The dreaded Big Feet has returned to terrorize the denizens of the forests, forcing Pierre LeChopp's entire lumberjack staff to quit and flee in terror! LeChopp enlists the aid of Tom and Jerry in capturing the elusive Big Feet, but all of their efforts, including a neat method involving 2 barrels, turn belly-up. As T&J sleep, they are awakened and surprised by a scary shadow outside their tent and assume it's the dreaded Big Feet! The creature apparently trips on and gets entangled in their tent, sending them tumbling downhill right in front of LeChopp's door. He rescues T&J and discover Big Feet's a harmless little creature with big feet, who sadly reveals that, because people forever laughed at his big feet, he ran away. Now he has ambitions to become a forest ranger. He's given a pair of sneakers and a test with a campfire, which he passes with flying colors by stamping it out. Big Feet gets the job and is happy again, and the wave of terror is over.


  • Big Feet is a takeoff of Bigfoot.
  • This marks Tom & Jerry's third encounter with a forest ranger on the series, following Episode #80-20 "Tricky McTrout," and #80-16, "Grim And Bear It."
  • LeChopp knows who Tom & Jerry are, despite never hearing their names.
  • Tom talks again, saying "whoops!"
  • Apprentice lumberjacks are the 17th and last jobs Tom and Jerry take on in this series. They were previously cabin boys in "No Way, Stowaways" (80-03), circus roustabouts in "Stay Awake Or Else..." (80-01), museum exhibit cleaners in "No Bones About It" (80-04), deliverymen in "Safe But Not Sorry" (80-18), forest rangers in "Grim And Bear It" (80-16), veterinarians in "The Hypochondriac Lion" (80-23), janitors in "Watch Out, Watch Dog" (80-12), policemen in "The Police Kitten" (80-28), dog walkers in "Towering Fiasco" (80-17), stuntmen in "Two Stars Are Born" (80-29), groundskeepers in "Son Of Gopher Broke" (80-39), Sapstone's apprentices in "The Sorcerer's Apprentices" (80-26), tailor shop deliverymen and deputy superheroes in "The Supercape Caper" (80-42), Dr. Jackal's assistants in "See Dr. Jackal And Hide!" (80-35), and matadors in "The Bull Fighters" (80-41).
  • The exact same "Ranger Station" background from "Grim And Bear It" is reused for the closing scenes.
  • The scene of LeChopp designing the trap for Big Feet on a drafting board resembles a similar segue from the 1955 MGM T&J short Designs On Jerry.
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