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Birthday Bashed is the fifth episode of The Tom and Jerry Show (2014) and the fifth episode of the first season.


Spike forces Tom and Jerry to take over Tyke's Birthday party.


Spike has prepared a party for his son Tyke. He allows Tyke to have a little taste of his birthday cake and promises him that it will be the best birthday ever. Tyke's friends arrive and they go to play in the bouncy house. Meanwhile, Tom fights and chases Jerry in the house and beats him up in the piano. They take the chase outside and they accidentally destroy the bouncy house and Tyke's cake. This causes Spike to get angry at them for ruining everything he had been planning for weeks and forces the two to be in charge of the festivities while he barbecues the food. Tom tries to entertain the puppies by doing arm farts with Jerry but Jerry is able to amuse them with balloon animals. Spike reveals that food won't be done for some time and forces Tom and Jerry to play party games with the puppies. Jerry plays "Pin the Tail on the Donkey" by having the puppies pin the tails on Tom. When getting ready to have the puppies destroy the piñata, Jerry tricks Tom into using himself as the piñata. Tom then plays "Toss the Horseshoe" with them but Jerry survives being hurt while Tom gets hurt by Spike. Spike then gives the puppies their lunch while Tom and Jerry fight over eating but Spike forces them to entertain the puppies. Tom puts up a magic show but Jerry ruins it for him. Spike then forces the two to make a cake for Tyke. Tom and Jerry make a cake but Jerry accidentally burns it. This causes a food fight between Tom and Jerry and the puppies. However, this pleases Spike who calls it another successful party for his son.


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