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The cartoon starts with a depressed Tom on a railroad track bent on suicide, the camera scrolls up to see Jerry awaiting Tom's death.

Jerry: Poor Tom. In a few minutes, it will all be over. And for the first time since he met her, he'll be happy.

The camera shows Tom with an unshaved muzzle and bloodshot eyes with his head hitting the ground.

Jerry: Poor miserable, lovesick creature. I suppose people will say that I should have helped him. I know, but it's better this way. I'll never forget that first morning when it all started. If ever there where two true friends, that was us.

A flashback shows Jerry and Tom drinking lemonade from the same cup from straws. Jerry is sucked from Tom's straw, he lets Jerry drink from his straw as an apology.

Jerry: And then she walked by.

The two look at the white female cat walking down the street.

Jerry: When Tom first saw her, I'd thought he'd flipped his lid. And he did.

Tom's head flips up and down in joy, the cat rushes to the white female cat.

Jerry: From the very beginning, there was a strong, magnetic attraction between them.

Tom is magnetically pulled by the white female cat and leads him to the female cat's home. Jerry pulls Tom trying to stop him.

Jerry: I tried to stop him, but it was no use.

After being dragged, Jerry hits a water sprinkler with him being lifted by the water.

On to the next scene, Jerry sees the two cats.

Jerry: Poor, simple Tom; he was putty in her hands.

The female cat is having fun of Tom's face and she even formed it into a jackass. Then, we see the female cat riding on a swing and being moved by Tom back and forth. Tom then comes crashing onto the wall, literally breaking his body.

Jerry: I've never seen him so happy and so much in love. But Tom had a rival: Mr. Butch.

While the female cat enjoys swinging, we see Mr. Butch at a rooftop. He then grabs the female cat and kisses her multiple times. When Tom came out Butch closes the umbrella, engulfing Tom in it.

Jerry: Yes, Tom had a rival. But this made him more determined than ever. I appealed to him as a friend to give her up, but he ignored me.

Tom brings a flower for the female cat while Jerry is trying to stop him. Tom arrives at the female cat's house, but to his surprise, he sees the female cat with a horseshoe-like wreath of flowers from Butch. The petals from Tom's flower come off. Tom then tries to gift her a small bottle of perfume, but a truck of perfume from Butch arrived.

Jerry: Tom was desperate. He squandered all his savings on jewelry.

Tom spends all his money from his savings to buy a diamond ring and rushes to the female cat. However, the diamond is so small that she needs a magnifying glass to see it. She and Tom then puts on welding helmets just to show off the ring gifted to her by Butch, since the diamond is large and shiny.

On the next scene, Tom signs a deal with a used cars shop.

Jerry: When the jewelry failed to impress her, he signed away his life to buy a car: 312 monthly payments at 112% interest that cost him an arm and a leg. But he willingly sold himself to slavery, for love.

Tom gets an old-fashioned car and drives it to the female cat. Butch then arrives at his train-like limousine, crushing Tom and his car.

Jerry: Tom went downhill fast after that.

Tom starts drinking himself to death. Jerry is pleading to his friend to move on, but Tom ignores it and pushes Jerry away.

Jerry: He started drinking.

We see Tom's eyes look like fuel gauges. The moment it went full, he becomes intoxicated.

Jerry: The next step was, the gutter.

Tom floats and waves goodbye at Jerry. When Tom went down the gutter, Jerry immediately saves him. Jerry then lets water out from Tom's lungs when Butch's limousine drives by at a high speed and splashes both Tom and Jerry. A "JUST MARRIED" sign is written on the back of the car.

Back to the train tracks with the depressed Tom.

Jerry: Well, that's the story. The story of a cat with a broken heart. Too bad everybody doesn't have a girl like mine.

Jerry admires a photo of Toots, which he kisses.

Jerry: A girl that loves me, and only me, with every bit of her true blue, ever-lovin' heart.

Toots passes by in a car driven by another mouse, with a sign reading "JUST MARRIED" on the back of the car.

Jerry, now also depressed, joins Tom on the train tracks. We hear whistles of an approaching train become louder as the cartoon fades out.

[The End]