Boomerang is the sister channel of Cartoon Network that launched on April 1st, 2000. The channel has aired the Tom and Jerry shorts since it's launch and holds the honor of being the only program that aired on launch to not be removed.

Incarnations of Tom and Jerry Aired

  • Tom and Jerry Kids (previously aired from 2005-2014 and again in 2018; briefly aired in the Tom and Jerry Memorial Day Weekend Marathon in 2020)

Former US Logo (2000-2015)

Boomerang Europe

Former International Logo (2004-2015)

Boomerang 2006-2008 logo

Former Brazil logo (2006-2008)

200px-Boomerang LA logo

Brazil logo (2008-2010)

Boomerang Latin America logo

Brazil logo (2010-2014)


2013 variant of this logo

Boomerang 2015

Logo used since 2015

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