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Boy (Junior as called by his mother) is a character from Tom and Jerry: The Magic Ring. He is voiced by Maile Flanagan


The boy and his mom walk into the pet store and he barges in to find Jerry and begs her and pounds for Jerry as a pet. His mother happily agrees to let him have Jerry as pet. Margaret takes Jerry out of the cage and the boy snatches him away from her in excitement despite being told to take good care of him. The boy kisses Jerry uncomfortably and shouts "I love him!" The boy then rough plays with Jerry in the pet store pretending he's an airplane. When he hears Tom's scream, he stops to wonder who made that sound. When the magic ring taps on a shelf by accident, the boy thinks his "hat" must need batteries then continues playing roughly with Jerry as they exit the store. Once the ring's magic freed Tom from Spike's cage, he sneakily exits the shop and finds Junior (as called by his mother). As they walk back home, Tom snatches Jerry out of the boy's hands making him bawl for his mother who tells the Policeman (Tom and Jerry: The Magic Ring) that Tom stole Jerry mistaking him as the boy's new pet mouse. He is later seen again, when Tom and Jerry thought they got away with the chasing animals and police cars as they bump into him. Tom nervously gives Jerry back to the boy which he snatches from him. He then blows a loud whistle which is heard by the chasers who turn back to find Tom who screams in terror. Tom rushes to snatch Jerry again and runs away surprising the boy. It is unknown what happened to him afterwards.


Junior is a boy with red hair and eyebrows, oval eyes, freckled cheeks, fair skin, yellow T-shirt, red shorts, white socks and red shoes