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The Bull is a character in who is first appeared in the Tom and Jerry cartoon Texas Tom. The bull was seen looking at Jerry with confused gloomy face as it looks like he feels sympathy for the mouse, Jerry throws the lasso on the bull's horn which the bull gets covered by hay bush, which Tom lassoed the bull unintentionally, the bull aggressively try to charge at Tom, When Tom is confronted by the angry bull, he tries to flee, the bull uses sharper horns, as the bull charges, Tom finds himself cornered to the bull and accepts his fate, the bull launches the cat flying over the dude ranch.

The Bull makes a brief appearance in Posse Cat, the bull is seen behind the fence, Jerry tries to trick Tom with a another 'sandwich' trick, this time with a bull's tail. Tom takes a bite the bulls runs, when the bull noticed Tom on his tail, the bull flings him back to the shack.

The Bull came back in a different colour in Tom and Jerry: Cowboy Up charges after Tom as Jerry and his nephew watched and helped him out.


The Bull is (possibly a Red Angus), with a light back, blue horns, green eyes, red eyelids, and a ring in his nose.



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