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The Bulldog (Possibly Known as Spike) is a minor antagonist in Tom and Jerry: The Movie. He is careless, uncaring, unkind, greedy, selfish, and hateful.


Tom and Jerry: The Movie

The Bulldog is first seen confronting Tom who was being left behind by his owner thanks to Jerry and is trying to reach his owner, preventing him from reaching her. Tom tied his ears on his eyes and made a run back to the house with the bulldog chasing him. Tom tried to get to the backdoor, but the bulldog gets their first then the front door only he is already there and through the window preventing Tom from going out of the house. The next day, the bulldog is sleeping in the front door and woke up seeing a demolition crew arrived and flees in fear realizing they were going to destroy the house with a wrecking ball. Tom and Jerry narrowly escapes the destruction leaving them homeless in the process and leading to them to meet Puggsy and Frankie DaFlea. It is unknown what happened to the bulldog afterwards, but it is likely he was taken to the dog pound.


The Bulldog is similar to Spike Bulldog from the original Tom and Jerry cartoons. He has brown fur, pink and black eyes, a black nose and sharp teeth.