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Busy Buddies is a 1956 Tom and Jerry short with backgrounds by Robert Gentle and layouts by Dick Bickenbach.


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Joan and George are going out and tell the babysitter, Jeannie, to look after an unnamed baby. However, she is more interested in talking on the telephone. At first, Tom and Jerry take the opportunity to help themselves to some food, Jerry helps himself to some cookies and Tom helps himself to a watermelon and milk, but they soon discover the baby crawling away while Jeannie continues to talk on the phone, unaware. Tom and Jerry rescue the baby from increasingly dangerous hazards, such as the cupboards, the sink, a curtain rod, the heating ducts, a flagpole, and a mailbox down the street (which leads to them being shot at by rogue police officers). Tom goes home with the baby, but suddenly the baby falls in the sky. Tom gets a stroller, but the baby uses a diaper as a parachute, and floats to safety. Jeannie is unaware through all of this (even when the baby crawls over her), and at one point even hits Tom with a book for "bothering the baby" when he returns the baby to the crib. At the end, Joan and George return and ask Jeannie how things went. She explains that she had a little trouble with Tom, but the baby was "no trouble at all". Then the camera cuts to the baby on the crib and he winks at the audience as the cartoon closes.


  • Jeannie: Yes Ma'am.

  • Jeannie: Good night Hi it's Jeannie. yeah yeah ah no I'm babysitting oh no oh no really you mean Mike well. Oh huh? oh yes me oh gosh no suppose Gary saw me. Oh It's a swell sharp you all gonna see it yeah oh wait a minute. I'll check out the Baby. The baby's okay who? Jane she got her hair you mean in the back with bangs oh no. Scat you, cat! Go on scat! Oh it's that darn cat bothering the baby. Oh, he said call on Monday.

  • Joan: And how was the baby, Jeannie?
  • Jeannie: Oh, just fine. I have little trouble with Tom but the baby was an angel he was no trouble at all.


  • This was one of only two shorts that was not included in the Complete Collector's Edition, other being The Million Dollar Cat.
  • This episode is later continued in the infamous Tot Watchers two years later.
  • George's head is visible onscreen for the first time, as in his previous appearance Pet Peeve his head appears to be off-camera.
  • This is the first appearance of George and Joan's Baby.
  • This is the 100th short of Tom and Jerry.
  • This is the only Tom and Jerry short where Tom nor Jerry go against each other, or have no negative interactions (not even a stare) with each other.