Not to be confused with Butch Dog from the Tex Avery cartoons

Butch Cat is a Tom and Jerry character. He is a black and white alley cat whose appearance generally vary from a friend or ally to a rival of Tom Cat.


Baby butch animation test by fabiorosendo-dakpjyb

Butch Cat dressed as a baby with Tom.

Butch was originally created by Hugh Harman for the MGM cartoon short The Alley Cat along with Toodles Galore. His first appearance in the Tom and Jerry cartoons was Baby Puss (1943), alongside Topsy and the already-established Meathead.

Butch is a coarse rival to Tom as well. In the short, Springtime for Thomas (1946), he was known simply as "Dream Boy" (after Jerry's fake letter from Toodles), and he acted as Tom's rival for Toodles' affection.

Butch is not only a love rival to Tom but a coarse opponent in simple competitions such as sports – for example in Tennis Chumps (some say Tom’s opponent there isn’t really Butch).

In “A Mouse in a House”, Butch did compete with Tom for the catching of Jerry. He and Tom co-operated at their best to catch Jerry. Unfortunately, they both failed, making Jerry still the "untouchable one".

However, Butch is also the leader of the alley cats (usually Lightning, Topsy, and Meathead) who are friends with Tom and, at times, join in him in tormenting Jerry.

Butch also appears in the Tom and Jerry Tales series. In the episode Beach Bully Bingo, he appears in red swimwear. He also appears more muscular, having well-trained pecs and stomach muscles. He also flexes his arm muscles and slightly appears to have abs. Some people think that this muscular bodybuilder cat who is as strong as Spike isn't the same as Butch.


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Butch is an alley cat with black fur and yellow and black eyes.

War of the Whiskers

Butch is a challenger, and is the fifth strongest of the eleven characters. his punches and kicks are similar to tom except faster.

When he wins, he will do a victory dance but when defeated, he collapses to the ground and slaps himself.


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