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The Buzzsaw is a minor character who appears in Tom and Jerry: The Magic Ring.


He has a red and grey body, red and grey arms, black plug, black wire, silver circular saw and a grey face.


He has a habit of shaving fur of his enemies and gets furious when he loses the sharp spikes. He might be evil or mischievous.


He came to life when Jerry used the magic from the magic ring after failing to get the ring off. Once the buzzsaw came to life, he wondered what happened to the spikes. When he realized he is smooth he growled in anger thinking it was Tom's fault. Tom tried to escape the jewelry store, but the buzzsaw slammed the door and started working again. The buzzsaw started to chase Tom around the store and shaved his fur during the process. Once, Tom is cornered, the buzzsaw tried to attack Tom, but the buzzsaw's power cord got stretched and unplugged, he then fell on the floor. It is unknown what happened to him afterwards, he likely died after falling as shown with the dead eye.