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Calypso Cat is a Mexican cat in the Gene Deitch-era Tom and Jerry appearing in his own episode Calypso Cat.


Calypso is a orange Mexican cat, who wear sombrero, purple shirt and black and white striped pants, he has dark blue eyes, ears, and mouth.


Calypso likes to play his drum for people, he like hanging around the beach, he dislikes anyone that messes with his drum


Calypso is seem to be a happy, carefree, land aid-back cat as he often gives out a simile, but he should not be underestimated as he does become aggressive when someone messes or sabotages with his drums, which is seen when Jerry hits his drums with a rock, assuming that it was Tom, he gave him furious glance at Tom, the second time that Jerry banged his drums with a rock again, he still doesn't know that it was Jerry making him oblivious, which the cat Calypso shows his anger to Tom, by with drum sticks when Tom retaliate back to Calypso, the cat gives the beating Tom by slamming his head to drum and defeating him by smashing him under drum turning to a turtle-shaped cat, showing that Calypso is a smart fighter, which he wins the affections Tom's date.


  • He is shown to be a strong fighter that he could beat other cats such as Butch or Meathead.