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Not to be confused with Cat-a-Tonic Mouse.

Cat-A-Combs is an episode of the fourth season of The Tom and Jerry Show (2014), and the 224th episode overall.


Having been thrown from his home to the town, Tom falls into a sewer system and finds a magic cloak that gives him the power of commanding undead denizens of the feline catacombs.


The episode begins with a scene depicting a wooden two-story cottage with a straw roof at day and a well nearby. Immediately, night falls and the peaceful at day area changes its look into a hostile one, with tangled barren trees and greenish moonlight hue.

After a mess happening inside, a bat flies away and Tom the Cat is being thrown out by a woman, who speaks with a mock German accent. He scratches the door and he gets his bowl given by the house owner, only to be taken over by a wandering spider. Frightened Tom does his best to come inside the house when he spots a cute-looking rabbit. A hungry wolf approaches the bunny from the rear. Tom spots the canine and warns its victim about the danger. The rabbit goes berserk, jumps, and the wolf and carves its fur in slices, rendering the canine predator bald and causing it to flee. Despite coming back to cute looks, the rabbit only frightens Tom more than before the wolf's attack, and the cat flees in panic, hitting himself at the trees in the forest while yelling in fear.

The fraidy-cat somehow gets on a road to a town, goes there and finds a cover behind a barrel in the middle of the street. A pitched voice scares him and causes him to run inside a wooden box, only to be repelled by a shepherd-like dog dwelling inside the box. Tom attempts to hide inside a house. He knocks the mouse-sized door and when he's asked to come in, he does so. After a brief fight inside, he flees being chased by a mob of mice dressed in Bavarian fashion. The rodents resemble Tuffy and carry simple weapons, composed of a three-blade fork, a torch, and a paddle-ball toy. The chase wakes Jerry Van Mousling, who opens the door to examine the turmoil happening down the street.

Tom runs around the town until he is stopped by a shadow of a dog, which turns out that the gray mice have made to scare him off. The cat hits a lamppost, becomes half-conscious, and falls into the sewers, much to the mice's joy. After a while of screaming, he reaches the ground inside a dungeon build from red bricks on plain ground. It turns out that Tom has discovered feline catacombs, judging by the black pillars adorned with feline skulls. Frightened by the sight, Tom leaps and lands on a throne, where a cape and a coronet await him. The cape tightens on his body and the cat skull coronet reaches his temples. A lightning strikes and Tom feels a power flow.

Feeling imbued with necromantic powers, Tom summons three bipedal cat skeletons, which greet him with meowing. Tom recognizes the walking feline dead remaining firmly under his command. After a number of goofing around, which involves one of the skeletons losing a leg during the dance, the feline necromancer sends his undead minions against the mice living on the surface, as a vendetta for mistreating him.

Back on the surface, Tom gives gestures to his skeletal retinue, ordering them to capture the mice to a bag. The goons stumble upon each other, which causes their bodies to collapse. The skull in the left knocks the door at the same place Tom was banished before. The mice invite him and the collapses skeletons sneak inside. Instead of being frightened, the mice run away with joy and the skeletons creep from the building, one of them losing its skull and another one taking it. One of the skeletons with head manages to snatch the mice, only to be struck by its headless comrade, which catches the bag and exchanges it for his head with the third skeleton. The feline walking dead start slapping each other, which wakes Jerry Van Mousling. The mouse hero blows a whistle, which summons the box-dwelling shepherd against the skeletons. While the walking dead run with their mouse bag, another dog is summoned by the whistle and joins the chase. Soon, the feline skeletons are being chased by an entire pack of dogs around the township.

Having encircled the entire township, the skeletons jump to the sewers, where their new master found them. The dogs lose the track, except Droopy, who stands right to the entrance to the sewers. Tom is sitting on his throne in the catacombs when his undead servants bring him the bag with captured mice. When Tom opens the bag, one of the mice uses a paddle-ball toy against him, which gives them a chance to escape. Jerry Van Mousling parachutes himself to the lair. Tom recovers and orders his skeletal retinue to attack Jerry. Instead of obeying his order, they repeat his evil laughter and gestures. On the second attempt, they misunderstand the order to grab Jerry - the skeletons grab themselves, squeeze each other, and collapse. Jerry gets imprisoned by Tom using one of the skeleton's ribcages with a skull atop.

When Jerry tickles his prison, the skull laughs and falls from the neck, allowing Jerry to release himself. Infuriated Tom summons additional skeletons from the corridors with the order to attack Jerry. Van Mousling blows his whistle, which summons skeletal shepherds, which charge at the undead cats and break them. Tom screams, gets mad at Jerry, and chases him around the catacombs. Jerry hides inside a cat skull, only to be found by Tom and his three clueless minions, who allow Jerry an escape. When additional three feline skeletons block Jerry his way, he attempts to blow his whistle again only to have his instrument intercepted by Tom.

Being surrounded by a feline necromancer and his skeletal horde, Jerry prepares a flea in a jar. The insect jumps at Tom, it causes him to scratch and Tom's skeletal minions repeat his movements. Jerry takes a grappling hook pistol, aims at the ceiling, and evacuates himself while Tom is trying to get rid of the flea and his undead thralls mimic his actions.

Back on the surface, the mice thank Jerry Van Mousling for the rescue. Tom emerges from the sewers, still clad in cape and coronet he found in the catacombs. He throws that paraphernalia back into the manhole and closes it, accidentally snapping his tail. Jerry blows a whistle, which summons a dog herd and causes Tom to run away.

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  • This episode must have been at least partially inspired by classic Dungeons and Dragons media (tabletop games, novels, video games, and so on), especially after Ravenloft campaign setting. The concept of a Gothic town inhabited by German-fashioned mice does resemble Barovia from Margaret Weiss's and Tracy Hickman's novels, while the idea of a coronet allowing to animate and control corpses has been appearing in media since the early 1980s when Gary Gygax published The Temple of Elemental Evil.
  • The violent rabbit resembles two beasts from Magic the Gathering decks - the Vizzerdrix and the Kezzerdrix
  • The skeletal cats meow just like living cats do, despite the lack of vocal cords. Such a feature must have also been taken from Dungeons and Dragons.


  • Tom's house looks differently at day and at night - the most visible parts are windows changing shape.




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