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The Cat Bully is a character from the The Tom and Jerry Show (2014), only appearing in Alley Oops! as the main antagonist. He is a small, but tough alley cat that kicks Butch outta of his alley. He is so tough that he was even able to beat Spike Bulldog.

Physical Appearance

The cat bully is a short yellow cat with brown hair, a cream underbelly and paws, pink ears, and a bandage on his tail.


The cat bully is seen as grouchy, mean, bad-tempered, and cruel. He is also into rock music.


Season 3


  • He does not speak or have any kind of dialogue apart from screaming.
  • He is one of the fewer cats that are enemies with Butch Cat.
  • Despite his small size, he is tougher than Spike. He is even almost as strong as Muscles.
  • He is the second cat bully in the franchise, the first being the The Beach Bully.