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This article is about the transcript of the Tom and Jerry Tales episode "Cat Got Your Luggage?".

  • Hotel Manager: Hey! What's this?! My fruit basket ruined! My flowererangment! and my beautiful fountain! Who's responsible of this mess? You you're the cause of all this I'm going to have you hauled off to the pound. So it looks like you're willing to pay for the damages eh? Okay fine I'll give you a job but if I hear of any complaint's or trouble from you, then it's off to the kitty greybar hotel. Got it? Alright let's get started. This luggage needs to be delivered to every room pronto now get to work.

  • Hotel Guest#1: Hey! You're wearing my tie!
  • Hotel Guest#2: Hey! That's my dress!
  • Todder Boy: Give me back my diaper! This suit chases my bottom!
  • Hotel Guest#3: (Points to Tom) There's that bellboy who gave us our bags! He must have mixed up our clothes!" (They grab Tom and beat him)

  • Tom: (Babbling) (Points to Jerry)
  • Hotel Manager: Huh? A rodent?! Hey! There's no vermit in these estashments! Okay, cat. I got a new job for you. Get that mouse out of my hotel!

  • Hotel Manager: Hey you! Get back here! I'm putting in charge of completely dry this mess up!

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