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Not to be confused with Save That Mouse, an episode from The Tom and Jerry Comedy Show.

"Catch That Mouse" is the fifty-ninth episode of Tom & Jerry Kids written by Jim Ryan.


Tom goes into a game show with four attempts to capture Jerry in order to win $1,000,000, however, Cal won't make it easy.


In the game show, "Catch That Mouse", starring Calaboose Cal, with chasee Jerry and Vanna Vavoom, a cat from Fresno named Ferdie Furball tries his luck to capture Jerry once again after his failure from the day before, but fails once again. Soon afterward, a new contestant comes into the game, hailing from Hemet, and his name is Tom. Cal tells Tom that He's got four chances to capture Jerry.

In the first attempt, Tom in an all-terrain kart, tries to get Jerry, but the incline turns out to be too steep for the car to drive up and that Cal told Tom that He should have gassed up the ATV. In Tom's second attempt, Tom tries to get Jerry while in the air after being blown by cannons. but Cal puts Tom's cannon upwards, where Tom crashes into the ceiling instead. Cal explains that the damage will be deducted from His winnings if possible. Jerry however suspects that foul play is at work. In Tom's third attempt, he is in a motorbike to chase Jerry, but the bike falls apart before he starts. Jerry, feeling sympathy, makes a deal with Tom. In Tom's fourth and final attempt to capture Jerry (both dressed in athletic wear), he must grab the mouse before he reaches the finish line. As Cal says go, he tries to slip up Tom with grease, but Tom runs so fast that the grease ends up in Cal's Face. Cal, desperate to make Tom lose, tries to stop him by whacking him with the mallet, a railroad crossing, a fire hose, and a land mine, all backfiring on the host. As Jerry nears the finish line, Tom finally catches Jerry in his hand right before crossing the finish line, making Tom the winner.

Cal, however, refusing to accept defeat, tries to disqualify Tom by claiming a foul. Nonetheless, Vanna Vavoom grabs Cal's ankles and relieves him of his loot, and said that Cal is the one who made the fouls, not Tom. Vavoom with Tom and Jerry drive off in a convertible, creating a hole in the studio, and then Cal angrily chases the car after telling his viewers to watch the next week's program called "Catch that Starlet".



  • It is stated in this episode that Tom's hometown is Hemet, a city in California.
  • This is the second episode to not feature Tom as the main antagonist (the antagonist here is Calaboose Cal). The first was "Who Are You Kitten".
  • The first episode Miss Vavoom making an appearance outside of the Droopy's segments.


Animation mistakes

  • As Ferdie escapes from the trap door that has a mysterious crocodile in it, after the crocodile yanks on the butt part of Ferdie's overalls, if the viewers look closely in between timing sequences, Ferdie runs off before the piece of torn fabric appears in the crocodile's mouth.