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Chameleon Story is the eighth episode of Tom and Jerry in New York.


A chameleon brought to the Hotel helps Jerry in the struggle against Tom.


At the hotel, Tom is enjoying milk from his bowl while the hotel personnel are moving outfits and fresh food on carts. Jerry finds cover inside a fruit bowl. A man approaches the hotel's reception and presents a cointainer with his chameleon named Leon, asking to leave the container with the reptile for a moment.

Jerry's fruit meal is interrupted by Tom, who robs Jerry from the food and spits chewed cheese at him. The chameleon is observing the incident using his cloaking abilities. When Tom leaves Jerry alone, the chameleon approaches Jerry and shares with him a chunk of cheese he managed to salvage. Both animals become friends. The approaching hotel worker forces Jerry and Leon to hide on the cart, which is directed to the hotel's kitchen.

When the hotel worker leaves the kitchen area, Jerry and his reptilian friend are gathering cookies for themselves until Tom spots them. Leon takes full advantage of his cloaking abilities, when he uses a broom and kitchen utensils against Tom, effectively avoiding retaliation. Jerry is having fun by watching Tom being pounded by a broom, a kitchen mallet, platters, a rolling pin, and bananas. Tom eventually escapes the kitchen and heads towards the corridor, where Leon and Jerry await with prepared vacuum cleaner. After a brief run, the device sucks Tom into its tank. Leon moves the switch and Tom is forciby ejected from the vacuum cleaner.

The cat flees downwards, where part of the ground floor is being redecorated. Leon cloaks himself and sets another trap for Tom - this time using paint buckets. Tom runs under the scaffolding, where cloaked Leon paints the cat's head purple and spills yellow and green paint on him. When Tom is trying to remove the paint, Leon's owner appears, seeking for his pet. Tom spots colorful lizard fingerprints on the ground. In an act of despair, the cat grabs a golf club and swings it back and forth, causing a mess in the hotel's corridor, until he is stopped by the hotel's manager.

Leon's owner tells his pet to enter the container, where Leon seemingly disappears. Jerry waves farewell, being certain he had to abandon another friend. Suddenly, Leon appears and licks Jerry from behind. Jerry hugs Leon and both leap to the left, as the episode ends.



  • The first appearances of Concierge and Molly in the series.


  • After a paint bucket land on Tom's head, his eyes becomes black instead of green and black until Tom runs after the chameleon.