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"Chase School" is the sixty-fourth episode of the series, and the final of twenty-second episode of Season 2 from Tom & Jerry Kids.





A teacher lectures two groups of Chase School students (one of cats, the other of mice) on the lessons of chase and evasion, with Tom and Jerry as his guests.


It is daytime at the Cat and Mouse Chase School as cats and mice enter a lecture hall. A professor welcomes the students to their first class, and explains the two guests have come. Two stars of stage, screen, television, and comic books: The tenacious, but triumphant Tom Cat, (the cats cheer for him, but the mice do not); and the tiny, but terrible Jerry Mouse. (the mice cheer, but the cats glare at the mice). So, the professor tells the students to study Tom's cleverness and he stalks Jerry's evasive tactics. One of the mice remarks about cats being "stupid", but one of the cats reacts and says that mice are not nice. However, just as the argument was about to take place, the professor calms the calamity before it starts, and pulls down a screen showing a film of Tom pursuing Jerry, until Tom unfortunately crashes into a fire hydrant. The mice cheer as some of them hold papers saying "10" and "10 1/2". One female mouse holds up a sign that says "Jerry, I love you!". As the professor continues to lecture, Tom tries to upstage Jerry. For a real chase, the professor gives Jerry a 10-Second headstart, but Tom goes after him after two seconds. The same heckling mouse remarks that cats cannot be trusted, but the cat reacts and remarks that the mouse's mother "eats cheese", right after another mouse tells off the cat by saying, "Eat tuna, fuzz-face", causing a vicious brawl between the two groups.

As Tom chases Jerry around Chase School, Jerry goes into a pipe, but gets trapped inside Tom's glass jar. As Tom gets into the jar and pulls out a fortune cookie, saying "You will get a bang out of life". Tom pulls out the paper, causing the cookie to explode in his face. The professor then tells the students that it was the fortune cookie surprise routine, so the mice cheer. Just as Tom was about to get Jerry, Jerry throws a pie at Tom.

Back inside the lecture hall, to the advanced way of evasion, the professor instructs Jerry to go through a maze to get the cheese, but blindfolded. As Tom is given the mallet, during the run, Jerry skillfully evades the mallet and traps, as Tom smashes up parts of the maze, ending with Jerry reaching the cheese and Tom flattened by a safe, which Tom comes out unscathed, but falls to pieces. In another lesson, Tom summons a cat-based robot via remote control, which poses as a threat for Jerry, who becomes flattened and placed in the trash, which the cats cheer as some of them hold up signs saying "11", and continuously chanting "TOMMY!". However, Jerry turns the tables and summons a mouse robot nearly twice the size of Tom's robot, pulverizing it, vacuuming it, Tom, and the lawn chair.

At the discussion's end, the professor thanks Tom and Jerry for the demonstrating. One of the mice, however dismisses the cats, saying "Yeah, but mice are the best!", and then the cat with round glasses responds "Wrong again, cheese brat", and then and another dismisses them saying that the round-glasses cat's father has fleas. Another vicious attack takes place, but doesn't stop. In spite of the professor calmingly threatening to call the cartoon police, the Professor gets hit with a pie in the face from the students who remark "NAH!" in disgust. As the cats and mice throw pies and objects and each other around, Tom panics and immediately exits the lecture hall. Jerry knocks on the door that Tom walked out of, and then Tom gets pelted in the face with a pie after opening the door.


  • The cats and mice in the crowd are very similar to Tom and Jerry who were doing demonstrations on the stage; although they have different fur hues, the females have various hairstyles, most of them talk, and some of them are bespectacled.
  • When the cats and mice are talking, the cats' voices sound more teenager-like while the mice's voices sound more young child-like.
  • In the scene where Jerry goes through the maze with the blindfolds on and that Tom smashes the maze walls with the wooden mallet, the tune from "Hungarian Rhapsody No. 2" by Franz Liszt was used.


Animation mistakes

  • As Tom first enters on the stage, his hands are glaucous, instead of white.
  • When Jerry is blindfolded, his muzzle is white.
  • When a gray cat with square glasses first responds back to a mouse for nitpicking on the cats as "stupid", he has no clumps of hair under the brim of his cap, but when he responds for the second time after that same mouse says that cats can't be trusted, his hair clumps under the brim of his cap appear.
  • After a taupe cat with circular glasses scolds "Wrong again, cheese-brat!", in the next shot all the cat students' paws turn white instead of their actual colors, but when they are shown again after that, their paws turn back to their actual colors.