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The Chase School Students are unnamed cat and mice who attend Cat and Mouse Chase School in the final third of Episode 22, Chase School of Season 1 from Tom & Jerry Kids.

Appearances and Personalities

The cats and mice are students who sit on opposite sides in the auditorium. The cats are Tom's fanatics and the mice are Jerry's fanatics. The cats and mice look exactly like Tom and Jerry, but have different fur hues, the cats have differently-styled whiskers, and the males usually have clumps of hair while the females usually have long hair that is the same color as their fur or colored differently, and some of the mice have buck teeth, unlike Jerry. They have speaking roles, unlike Tom and Jerry. Some of the students are bespectacled unlike Tom and Jerry, in which some wear square glasses while some wear round glasses.

The tomcats wear white V-neck shirts, orange jackets over their shirts, yellow bowties, and red baseball caps. The tabbies wear orange blouses, orange skirts, and bows. The male mice wear blue sweaters, red bowties, and blue baseball caps. The female mice wear blue blouses, red or blue skirts, and hair bows. The cats usually talk in a high school dialect while the mice usually talk in an elementary school dialect. The teams often debate over which side is better and often cause a lot of vexation, and would eventually attack and hurl each other around, and later throw projectiles such as pans of pies, toy missiles, and brown boots.


  • When a gray cat wearing the square glasses bickers back to one of the mice for the first time, his hair clumps are not visible; but when he bickers back for the second time, his hair clumps are now visible.
  • The female cats wear blouses and skirts for most of the episode. However, near the end of the episode before and after they jump out of their seats and begin combat with the mice, they are now wearing V-necks and jackets and bowties that the males wear.
  • The square-shaped glasses cat seems to go from the back to the front during the episode they appear on.

Quotes and Dialogue

  • Umber Mouse: Hey, let's face it! Cats are stupid!
  • Cat in Square Glasses: What did you say, shorty? You know what I say? Mice ain't nice!
  • Mice: Oh yeah?!
  • Cats: Oh yeah!
  • Mice: Yeah?
  • Cat in Square Glasses: Says who?!
  • Umber Mouse: Says me! That's who!
  • Umber Mouse: Hmph! You see that? You can't trust cats!
  • Cat in Square Glasses: Says who?!
  • Umber Mouse: Says me!
  • Buck-toothed Mouse in Square Glasses: Eat tuna, fuzz-face!
  • Cat in Square Glasses: Oh yeah? Well, your mother eats cheese!

(The cats and mice start attacking each other).

  • Umber Mouse #2: Yeah, but mice are the best!
  • Cat in Round Glasses: Wrong again, cheese-brat!
  • Umber Mouse #2: Aw, your pop's got fleas!
  • Cat in Round Glasses: Why you...!

(The cats and mice constantly debate until a mouse in round glasses jumps out from the seats and lands into the aisle).

  • Mouse in Round Glasses: [interrupting] SAYS WHO?!

(The cats start jumping out of their seats and land right on him).

  • Cat in Round Glasses: SAYS ME! THAT'S WHO!

(Then the mice start jumping out of their seats and join in the fight).