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Come Fly With Me is second episode of Tom and Jerry in New York.


Jerry helps a female pigeon to fly awhile Tom wants to eat them.


The episode begins at the park, where Jerry has both hunger and a taste for peanuts. He falls into the container, then the vendor gives Jerry a peanut. Not far from the cart, Jerry attempts to have his new meal, when he spots people feeding pigeons with popcorn. One of the females is trying to get something to eat, but a strap tied to her leg disturbs her in movement. She is also pushed away by other birds. Suddenly, a piece of popcorn lands near the female pigeon, but before she manages to claim it, a crow wearing a yellow baseball cap, refuses to share popcorn with one of the females. The male bird strikes the she-pigeon with his beak and claims the popcorn piece.

Jerry observes the scene. First, he takes away the strap from the she-pigeon's leg, which turns out to be a yo-yo and discards it, then he shares his peanut with the bird. The thrown away yo-yo hits Tom, resulting in a bump at the top of his head. The cat spots Jerry and the she-pigeon and imagines them as his meal. Tom takes advantage of Jerry and she-pigeon eating their peanuts, as a result, they get caught for a brief moment. Tom plays with the yo-yo while holding his captives, until the toy strikes him in his teeth. As the result, Jerry and the pigeon can escape.

Tom manages to catch Jerry again, but the she-pigeon falls into the pond, prodded by Jerry. Despite being held by Tom, Jerry notices the pigeon is drowning. Tom refuses to let Jerry go to save the pigeon, so Jerry bites him in his hand. The mouse uses a doughnut to save the pigeon in the pond. Meanwhile, Tom snatches a baby swan only to meet its parents, which look too powerful to be messed with. As Tom gets beaten by the male swan, Jerry manages to save the she-pigeon from the pond using the doughnut as a lifebuoy.

Jerry and the she-pigeon head towards the park monument, seeking for a hideaway for Tom is chasing them. Jerry and his avian friend remain undetected on the monument, until they dry over. Tom attempts to climb the monument using the rope, he fails since the rope lands on the monument's sword and is cut under his weight.

Shortly afterwards, Jerry is watching as the she-pigeon is trying to fly. Once the bird manages to take off the ground, Jerry tries to ride his bird companion. While people are feeding pigeons in the park with popcorn, Tom dresses himself as an elderly woman to snatch his meals-to-be in disguise. The attempt succeds, but it's foiled by a passerby snatching the bag with Jerry and the she-pigeon. Tom yells for help and a mounted park guard aids him in chasing the thief. The bag snagger checks his loot and he finds Jerry with the she-pigeon instead of expected booty. When the animals escape, the thief hands over to Tom the bag he snatched from him previously. The cat discovers the bag is empty and he gradially loses his disguise while expressing rage.

The chase is resumed, when the she-pigeon focuses Tom's attention on herself. While running away from Tom, Jerry boards on his avian friend and the pigeon takes off from the pond. Jerry and the pigeon fly over the city. Meanwhile. Tom gets into trouble with the swans once again. Jerry and the she-pigeon watch the scene, when Tom is beaten by the male swan while being chased after and the episode ends.


Main Characters

Minor Characters

  • Swans
  • Rosie
  • Other Pigeons


  • The swans in this episode bear resemblances to Quacker, Mother Duck, and Henry.
  • The first appearance of Rosie in the series.
  • In the scene in which Tom was disguised as a grandmother to go after Jerry and the pigeon, but the thief stole the bag they were in, Tom screamed in the voice of a girl and this is the first time.
  • The episode's title might had been inspired by a 1958 popular song composed by Jimmy Van Heusen.