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"Cosmic Cat and Meteor Mouse" is the fifteenth episode of The Tom and Jerry Show (1975).



Tom and Jerry are watching their favorite cartoon heroes, Cosmic Cat and Meteor Mouse, on TV. The noise of the TV disturbs Spike the bulldog, who is trying to sleep in the yard. Spike stomps in and turns off the set, beginning a series of zany adventures for Tom and Jerry as they try to watch their TV show; Tom and Jerry even go so far as to disguise themselves as Cosmic Cat and Meteor Mouse and using a Cosmic Cat and Meteor Mouse record to lip-synch to throw a little scare into Spike until he uncovers their ruse. When the real Cosmic Cat and Meteor Mouse come to the rescue, the bulldog thinks they are Tom and Jerry in disguise, but is he in for a shock when he learns differently! The heroes turn the tables on the dog, giving him The Galaxy Gazzot, which sends him spinning around like a top. Cosmic and Meteor then force Spike to allow Tom & Jerry to watch their favorite show. Spike agrees, but when the dog and Tom and Jerry sit down and tune in to Cosmic Cat And Meteor Mouse on TV, the show, much to Spike's delight and Tom & Jerry's chagrin, has added a new character: a villain who is Desperate Dogstar, a cosmic bulldog! Scatter-Zoom, Away!

Trivia & Notes

  • "Cosmic Cat And Meteor Mouse" was most likely inspired by Courageous Cat™ and Minute Mouse, a Telefeatures cartoon first syndicated in 1960 created by Bob Kane (Batman) for Trans-Artists Productions.
  • "Cosmic Cat And Meteor Mouse" originally ended with CC&MM scaring Spike off, allowing T&J to sit down and turn on the TV at last, only to see the end titles of their favorite show.
  • For the first time on the show, Spike speaks actual lines of dialogue, courtesy of the unlamented Don Messick.
  • The gag of Tom lipsynching to the CC&MM record and Spike speeding up and slowing down Tom's turntable is inspired by similar gimmicks in the 1950 MGM Tom & Jerry short, Texas Tom.
  • The premise of Spike demanding quiet was preceded by similar segues in Quiet Please! (1945) and Hic-cup Pup (1954).
  • Here, Spike calls himself Bully Bowser.
  • The fur color of Cosmic Cat and Meteor Mouse is opposite to that of Tom & Jerry's.
  • According to the opening passage to Cosmic Cat And Meteor Mouse, CC&MM's base of operations is the distant planet Katnipton in the far-off galaxy of Rodentia.
  • This is the only episode that appears in the Tom and Jerry: The Deluxe Anniversary Collection.