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"Cosmic Chaos" is the nineteenth episode of Tom & Jerry Kids written by Pat Ventura.




Tom uses Gadgets to chase Jerry in an Apartment Building in the Future.


In the future, There are space-age buildings, flying cars, and an apartment building called Nebula Apartments. Tom is sleeping in the security camera room, and Jerry is on his air board zipping around. An alarm rings of an intruder, and it's revealed to be Jerry. The computer tells Tom (known as Security Cat 13) to get rid of Jerry, and it gives him jet boots. Meanwhile, Jerry sees a soda machine and tries to get one from it, but it doesn't comply. Jerry tries again, but it still refuses. He then has his board shake it up, but it still won't budge. Fed up with the machine's refusal, Jerry kicks it, making it finally give the him a soda. Tom surprises Jerry, but the mouse sprays him with his soda, resulting in him being chased, but gets caught and lands in a Garbage-Bot. and as Tom carries the Garbage-Bot to who knows where, Jerry escapes with a Technologic Machine, and gets out seconds before the Garbage-Bot is shredded. Jerry shakes Tom's paw, but the kitten realizes that the Mouse is still alive, gripes, and chases after Jerry again.

Jerry goes Inside the Gravity Tube, and messes with the controls, making Tom go up and down, until Jerry gets the control way up, resulting in Tom being flung out of the building. In the kitchen, Jerry uses his device to get a slice of cake, and gulps it up. Tom returns and goes after Jerry again as the mouse grabs a Space-Cycle as the zip around the apartment. Soon, Jerry has the Cycle with plungers (attached to Rope) grab Tom's jet boots, resulting in the kitten falling to the ground despite trying to flap his arms. Later, Tom uses a jet car to go after Jerry and the Space-Cycle attack with his Vulcan but fails, resulting in Jerry's mousehole debris crushing the jet car with Tom inside of it.

Then, Tom in his Fist-Tipped Rocket goes after Jerry, as the pair exit the apartment building. Along the way, Jerry gets past a dog gang of space bikers. Their leader laughs, but he and rest get dazed after Tom's rocket crashes into them, with the rocket destroyed and the Bikers still intact. the Bikers seeking revenge for Tom's involvement, Chase after Him. Jerry however comes and lets Tom on the Space-Cycle, as He activates a Smokescreen to make the Bikers crash into a Billboard with the Bikes destroyed. Tom, grateful for Jerry saving him, shakes his hand as both of them go toward the futuristic horizon.


  • When Tom starts gliding around the apartment, his eyes are white instead of yellow.
  • After the dog bikers crash into the billboard, Tom is seen without his jet boots.
  • When Tom surprises Jerry, his jet boots are gone, but after Tom was drenched with soda, his jet boots return.
  • As Jerry is using his device to get the cake, his mouth is white instead of light brown. It appears the animators left a coloring job to be desired.


  • This episode is the only episode that takes place in the future timeframe. The Tom and Jerry in this episode are descendants of the present-day Tom and Jerry. The Tom in this episode wears a baseball cap with the same colors as his present-day ancestor, but is divided in halves instead of with a stripe and has an antenna on the rear end of it.