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Crooked Eddie is a recurring character in The Tom and Jerry Show (2014). He is voiced by Phil Lollar.


Crooked Eddie is a stool pigeon who lives in Tolucaville. He often brings out the latest news and happenings going on around town for Tom and Jerry whenever there is a case for the two detectives to solve.

He also has a Canadian goose cousin named Mackenzie (aka Mack).


Crooked Eddie is a pigeon with a crooked neck (hence his name). In his first appearance, his head, neck, hands, and tail feathers were a different shade of dark grey, his chest, back, and arms were light grey, and his beak and feet were pink.

Beginning with the second season, Eddie's head, neck, hands, and tail feathers are dark grey, his beak and feat are orange-yellow, and his chest, back, and arms are all blue-grey.


Crooked Eddie may come across as crazy, somewhat eccentric, and slightly annoying, but he knows a lot about just about anything that goes on in Tolucaville, and he is not afraid to share his findings with others, especially the cat and mouse detectives Tom and Jerry. He is also very witty.

Sometimes, Eddie can be very sensitive and often will not hesitate to use methods of violence to get revenge on others if his feelings are hurt. This was shown in "Missing in Traction," where he sends a vicious dog (who surprisingly had a heart of gold) to terrorize the whole town of Tolucaville - just because some alley cats kept making fun of him and calling him names like "birdbrain" and "featherhead."


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  • Eddie speaks with a Brooklyn accent.
  • He had a deeper and much different voice in his debut episode. This later changed in all of his future appearances.
  • He is the only major recurring character exclusive to the detective-themed episodes of The Tom and Jerry Show to not be in an episode in which he himself is the client.