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Cruisin' for a Bruisin is the thirty-seventh episode of The Tom and Jerry Show (2014).



At the start, there is a line of many people coming to board on a cruise ship, Tom and Spike can be seen locked in separate cages.

Ginger is happy as she talks to Rick about the cruise ship as it has free swimming pools, water slides, jacuzzi, theaters, basically, it has anything you could imagine, Tom and Spike smiled although Rick said that they would ruin their good time like they did everywhere else they were at.

In which Spike blames Tom saying it was his Tom's fault and not his, while Ginger has faith on the two that they would be good, Tom picks on Spike which of course angers him and makes him start barking, Rick tells Spike to take it easy, believing him to be excited too.

As a 24 unlimited buffet is mentioned, Tom and Spike loved the sound if it, Jerry and Tuffy are seen in Ginger's purse, Tuffy is very excited as Jerry shushed him.

However, in the cruise ship's engine room, Meathead Cat's hand is seen taking a red marker and crossing out a picture of his previous disposed victim, what is seen in front of him are a mass amount of photos of his other mice victims on the wall in front of him, moments afterward he realizes that Jerry and Tuffy are on board and proclaims that they made the worse mistake in their 'soon-to-be-over' lives.

While with Rick and Ginger, they were just leaving the room as Rick tells Tom and Spike they are going to be staying in their cages, they tried to do the cute eyes but Rick tells them to not give them the look as he left the room and closed the door, then Jerry and Tuffy comes out of Ginger's purse as Spike and Tom looked at them as Spike said that no one is going anywhere, but since that Ginger and Rick didn't say anything to the two mice, they went to go out of the room to eat, but Spike warns them as they leave that if they get into trouble, they are on their own.

However during Tom and Spike's alone time in the cages, he unlocks his own cage and was out, he walked in front of Spike's cage and sticks his tongue out to be grabbed by Spike's hand, he was let off with a warning.

Meathead Cat is then seen in the hallways, looking for Jerry and Tuffy, but realizing that they are traveling with a cat and dog, he exclaims loudly to himself of what the world is coming to as he went into the room Spike and Tom are in alone, and makes fun of their Christmas sweaters.

Being asked on who he is, Meathead Cat shows them his wallet which has his name on it and that he's the ship's cat, he is in charge of disposing 'rodents', namely mice as he tells the cat and dog to hand them over before someone gets hurt, although when told he can get hurt, he found it hard to believe and went closer to the cage to receive a punch to the face, in which he is sent flying in the hallways as Spike declares that his mouse hunt is over as Meathead Cat claimed that the punch didn't hurt (That was obviously a lie) as Spike comes into the hallway, grabs his tail and gives him a beat down, when done, Spike goes back into his room as Meathead Cat said: "That did."

Spike sees Tom outside, laying down on a chair and relaxing, as Spike says "That cat's nothing but trouble!"

While with Jerry and Tuffy Mouse, they are seen eating at a table and are enjoying themselves, Jerry would at one time grab a what appears to be a cat whisker which is then revealed to belong to Meathead, who does not look pleased as Jerry motions his hand as a way of saying hello, as Meathead then replied saying "Doncha mean...good-bye!?" Jerry then runs away from him.

Jerry with the help of Tuffy manage to outwit Meathead and got away, for the time being, Tom is seen relaxing when he smells a well-done cooked turkey, having just been left to cool off by the waiter, Tom attempts to snag the turkey, only to snag a Pelican that was just next to it, who flies, Tom tries to help himself but is stuck as he screams for help, Spike tries to ignore it but eventually comes to help Tom as he said that his problem is he has too big a heart.

But as soon as he jumps after Tom and grabs the chair, (or a bench) as it was being whisked away with Tom, the pelican flies and the two are in for a flight, at the end, they are falling and are seen by Meathead, who walks toward them as Spike hangs onto a pole for dear life with Tom hanging onto his feet, Meathead was eating his apple as they fell from the pole, onto a nearby bench and flew into the water, as he says good riddance to Spike as he throws the apple away, not knowing that a lifesaver circle was hit and fell into the water that Spike and Tom must now use to hang onto as Meathead went back to searching for Jerry and Tuffy.

Meathead spots them carrying food, a plate of sandwiches, and Tuffy carrying grapes, upon being noticed, Jerry drops the plate of his food while Tuffy eats the grapes but leaves one out as he kicks it to Meathead, hitting him as Tuffy runs away after Jerry who also ran, they got into a stage where there are dancers as Meathead chases them across the stage, Jerry and Tuffy lost him for only a limited time.

Sharks began to slowly close in on Tom and Spike, who are feeling hopeless, Tuffy and Jerry wind up in the Engine Room where they spot the mass wall of the photos of Meathead's previous victims, they heard a noise and turned back to see Meathead right at the door, Jerry and Tuffy scream as the chase is on.

As Tuffy follows Jerry onto some pipes, Jerry turned 3 wheels, as they off the pipes, Meathead furiously gets on the pipes and got hit by waves of hot steam and screams as Jerry and Tuffy laugh for a bit, now more furious then ever before, he approaches them, being seen by the two mice, he finally catches them and says "You two are done!"

Tuffy was trembling, but as Meathead had the two mice in his hands, the Engine Room explodes, as with Spike and Tom, when all hope is lost, the fans in front of them die and stop going, they are full of hope again as they went into an open window, after a bit, they went into the Engine Room to see Meathead covered in smoke and still holding Jerry and Tuffy, who appears to be okay.

Spike, angry at Meathead goes to him, grabs him and beats him for not saving him and Tom earlier, for trying to eat Jerry and Tuffy, and for making fun of his and Tom's Christmas sweaters, and beats him to a pulp, Spike points out that he and Tom had best get back to their room before Ginger and Rick find out that they are missing, this means Jerry and Tuffy have to go back as well.

They made it but Tom manages to unlock his cage and enter it to close it and leave Spike locked out of his cage, which gets him in trouble as Rick and Ginger catches him hiding behind the curtains and Ginger and Rick, disappointed in Spike, Rick cannot give him the chicken wing, and he instead, gives it to Tom, as Spike mutters "Where's the justice?" Tom was about to eat it when Tuffy and Jerry had beaten him to it, and he frowns as the episode ends.



  • This is the third part of a four-part episode (Just Plane NutsPets Not WelcomeCruisin' for a Bruisin', and Road Trippin' all have the same storyline - a vacation gone awry).
  • This is a few episodes where Tom, Spike and Jerry are friends.