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"Cry Uncle" is the ninth episode from the first season of Tom and Jerry Tales.





Jerry's Uncle Pecos comes by to stay with Jerry and Tom after being kicked out by Aunt Spinner whose music becomes a nuisance for both the cat and the mouse.


One night, Tom and Jerry are awakened by Uncle Pecos who has come over after being kicked out by his aunt. His music then begins to drive Jerry and Tom crazy and they must focus on getting the guitar. Tom broke the guitar and placed it in the toilet. Jerry flushes it, causing Pecos to use a harmonica and making a flower grow another guitar. Uncle Pecos tries to perform for Tom and Jerry, but Auntie Spinner comes over and they do a duet at the end.


  • This episode marks the first and only episode of Uncle Pecos in the series.
  • This episode has bestiality because Uncle Pecos' wife, Auntie Spinner is a human, while Uncle Pecos himself is a mouse.
    • Spinner's face was briefly shown, in half.

In other Languages

German - Das Nagetier des Westens (The Rodent of the West)

Japanese - 迷惑な害虫からの脱出 (Escape from the annoying pest)

Spanish - ¡Grita tío! (Scream uncle!)

Portuguese - Como o oeste estava aqui (How the west was here)

Polish - Gitarzysta (Guitarist)

Irish - Teach na Luiche (Mouse House)