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Cuckoo is a male canary who first appeared in the Tom and Jerry short Kitty Foiled. He also appeared in The Flying CatLife with Tom (via archive footage from 'Kitty Foiled'), Hic-cup PupTwo Little Indians (where he is red in color) and Matinee Mouse (via archive footage from The Flying Cat). Cuckoo has made main and major appearances in Kitty Foiled, and The Flying Cat. He usually teams up with Jerry to defeat Tom through extreme cartoon violence.



He resembles Quacker except he's a canary. His feathers are more yellow than Quacker's, beak is smaller, and his tail is longer.


Original Shorts

The Tom and Jerry Show (1975)



  • Despite being a little bird, he can actually carry heavy objects many times his size which is seen in both Kitty Foiled and The Flying Cat.
  • Cuckoo resembles Quacker.
  • In Matinee Mouse Cuckoo makes a short apperances in the Chuck Jones-era.