"Destruction Junction" is the thirty-first episode of Tom and Jerry Tales, directed by Douglas McCarthy, written by Charles Schneider and storyboard by Charles Visser.



A building is being built by construction workers. Spike the Bulldog wakes up and looks at the half-done building and hears the workers screaming in pain. They accidentally injure themselves and an ambulance arrives and its crew brings all the injured workers. Before they could bring them one of the workers, which is the construction director, orders Spike to be in charge of building the building which he did so. Tom and Jerry appear and Spike gives them a job to finish the building. But they only chase around the building and Jerry lands on the wet cement. Spike throws him into the construction paper plans, ordering him to do some plans of the building, which he draws something on the building. Spike hands Tom the plans and orders him to finish the building or he'll threaten to beat him up. Tom finishes building the building in ultra-speed. Spike then congratulates him, but he screams and looks up, demanding Tom what he did to the building and Tom looks up and screams. Jerry was sitting at the top of the building, which revealed a statue of his head with a smile on his face. Unknown to Spike and Tom, Jerry must have drawn his head on the construction paper plans.



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