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Dodo Mouse is the reformed secondary antagonist of the Tom and Jerry Tales episode"Hi, Robot".


In her backstory, Dodo was originally created by Tom to capture Jerry. But as Dodo and Jerry get for longer and longer, Jerry's friendliness, kindness and bravery impressed Dodo, who is a robot mouse. In the end, she broke free of Tom's control and gained consciousness, helping Jerry, and defeat Tom.

Dodo gives Jerry a kiss in the cheek as the two bond even closer.

She was created by Tom to lure Jerry out of the mousehole and into the cat's stomach but after understanding Tom was bad, she fought him and kissed


Although she is robotic mouse, Dodo has a very superior appearance. She has long smooth yellow hair and a beautiful face with a sweet smile that she always keeps. A red dress with small red leather shoes which is very charming.