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The Unnamed Dog is a character who appears in the Tom & Jerry cartoon The Truce Hurts as a minor antagonist. The dog is shown eating a bone in the alley until he sees Tom walking along nearby. Deciding that the cat would make a better meal, he throws away his bone and forces Tom onto a silver platter with vegetables. Before the dog can bite into Tom, Spike sees what is going on, and quickly pulls him away. Angered, Spike delivers an uppercut into the other dog's jaw, causing all of his teeth to fall out right after.



  • In real life, dogs normally do not eat cats or view cats as part of their diet, unless that they're starving, which won't occur in a pet dog that is well taken care of. Though it's a possibility that this dog is very likely a stray dog.
  • He bears a slight resemblance to the unnamed orange dog from the Spike and Tyke cartoon "Give and Tyke" (1957).