Dollface is a reccuring character from the 2014 version of the Tom and Jerry Show.


Dollface is a glaucous cat with a bushy tail. Her belly, cheeks, and feet have a lighter color tone than her primary fur color. She wears a purple eyeshadow on her lids.


Throughout the entire episode, Dollface is portrayed being quite vain - as long as Butch is complimenting her, she appreciates his interest in her. Any assumption that she is not the most beautiful cat in the world drives her crazy, even to the point she is willing to use a rolling pin as a bludgeon.

She can also be vengeful and firm in remembering harms - when Butch tried to apologize to her, Dollface dared to show affection towards Tom in front of her ex-boyfriend.


The Tom and Jerry Show (2014)

Season 3

Season 4



All-Cat Jazz

A Star Forlorn

(Not) Your Father's Mouse-Stache


  • In ”A Star Forlorn” as the other cats are eating to food, Dollface is drinking a jug of lemonade, which is toxic for feline consumption.
  • She is the ex-girlfriend of Butch Cat.
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