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Don't Bring Your Pet to School Day is the forty-sixth episode of Tom and Jerry Tales.





It's a typical day at school Nancy brings her pet cat Tom (who looks rather annoyed and disgusted) into her elementary school for pet day and tells him to be a good pussycat and behave himself or they won't win the gold star for best pet.

Tom, however, is unamused, with the competition and he goes as far as to discarding his red bow tie and undoing his hairstyle which Nancy gave him prior to the cartoon's prologue. He is greeted by a rabbit named Bartholomew J. Bunny, who shakes the cat's paw while talking with quite a rather strange accent, which gets Tom even more annoyed and disgusted. On the same day, Tom sees Nancy's classmate and friend Bobby brings his pet mouse Jerry transported in a cage, which Nancy fawns over, claiming to him as being adorable. Tom, overcome by gluttony, licks his lips at the sight of Jerry with a desire to eat the little mouse but remembers Bart is still shaking his paw. Finally snapping, the cat grabs a mace and brutally beats the stuffing out of Bart and then jumps on top of Jerry's cage, terrifying and scaring him, making him shriek in fear.

Nancy, outraged by the cat's naughty behavior, stops him and then demands that he show Jerry that he's sorry for what he did while Bobby holds Jerry in front waiting for Tom to respond.

At first, Tom doesn't reply or do anything. Nancy insisted again, forcing Tom to kiss Jerry's head in humiliation and annoyance. He then does so twice (Mostly due to him enjoying the taste) and later begins to suck on his head. He then eats the little brown mouse whole, but is tossed on the floor by an angry Nancy. "Spit him out!" She ordered, slamming him on the floor multiple times until he finally coughed him up, and Jerry lands on the floor, all covered in cat saliva. Jerry looks at Tom angrily, as if to say, "Mean old cat!"

Nancy than drags Tom, and threatens to take him back to the pound if they don't win the star, which horrifies the cat. It wasn't long before he was pushed back to his chair, where Bart is shown with 3 large bumps on his head dazed from the pain, Bart's one eye is blackened and his other is bruised and creepy looking. Nancy then demands him to stay put and be nice to the other animals. Tom shows a hysterical marking the words, "Yes Ma'am" In his eyes. Jerry like back in 1943, strikes again and begins to torment Tom, with a drawing of him in the toilet. Tom furiously gets up, but Jerry points back to Nancy, forcing him to sit back down in a cowardly way, despite her not shown when he points.

Jerry than swallows a red apple whole and his entire body is shaped like an apple. Jerry, now back to normal, goes over where Tom is seated spitting a large amount of apple seeds in his face in a machine gun firing rate. Tom beginning to lose his temper, he growls, Jerry responded by spitting one more in his face, which caused him to snap, he makes a creepy close-up towards the camera, but before he can eat him, Jerry points to Nancy again doing her work causing Tom to cowardly sit in his chair again.

Jerry then unleashes a frog, and escapes the room with Tom pursuing in a panic state. He follows the two into the locker room, where he attempts to catch the frog, only to be smacked by a whip in his butt by Jerry. Before Tom could react the frog burped a third time, causing him to fly into the locker. Jerry arrives with dirty gym clothes and begins to pack the locker leaving Tom locked up inside. A chase occurs throughout the entire school, until it reaches the playground where Tom, finally has both pets cornered. At one point he snatches the frog, but Nancy arrives and demands to know what he has in his paw.

Tom on the verge of panic, took drastic measures and swallowed the frog, turning around facing Nancy grinning he had nothing. Nancy, more angry than disappointed, grabs his tail and storms for the classroom revealing that they were next, which meant she had to search the whole school for him. During the presentation, Jerry returns and torments Tom, again with releasing several of the other students' pets. The ants later crawl into Tom's fur covered with apple juice making him scratch all over. The Frog jumped again, and soon or later Tom found himself caught in the Globe. "What in the world are you doing?!" Nancy cried, with Jerry laughing along.

The Fire ants in his fur combined with the frog in his stomach caused Tom to do insane tricks like: breakdancing, doing the schuhplattler, hopping around, acting like a mime, and ending with an Egyptian pose until he finally falls down and the frog comes out of his mouth, with Jerry still laughing in amusement.

The crowd, however, enjoyed the performance and applauded Tom, even with Jerry joining in the applause. and Tom is shown In Nancy's arms with the gold star. "You may not be the nicest cat, but you at least got the gold star for being the best dancer." Nancy said, Tom smiles, than the iris out. Episode ends.


  • Nancy is voiced by Tara Strong


  • The episode's title itself is a reference to how pets aren't allowed to be brought into schools.

In Other Languages

Names, etymology and in other regions
Language Name Definition, etymology and notes
Japanese 私の自慢のペット My proud pet
German Der Schulwettbewerb The school competition
French Présentez votre animal domestique Introduce your pet
Italian Non portare il tuo cucciolo a scuola Don't take your puppy to school
Portuguese Animais Nada de Estimação Animals No Pets