Down and Outing is a 1961 Tom and Jerry cartoon directed by Gene Deitch and produced by William L. Snyder with sound effects by Tod Dockstader. It is the second of the thirteen cartoons made in the Czech Republic, which was known at the time as Czechoslovakia. The name is a pun on the term "Down and out".


Tom wakes up one morning to go fishing (put his swimming trunks and gets a fishing rod) and accompanies his owner, who has severe anger management issues, on a fishing trip. Seeing this as the perfect opportunity to humiliate Tom, Jerry also put his small swimming trunks (the same used Tom's) and gathers some fishing supplies and tags along. While the owner is loading the car with supplies, Tom is resting in the back of the car, when suddenly, Jerry throws a spare fishing pole at his head. He then grabs a fence out of the garden and uses it to climb into the car, but is met by Tom, who responds by catapulting him out of the vehicle using its back door. The car then starts up, but Jerry manages to regain cover and boards the vehicle before it leaves.

Meanwhile, Tom is keeping watch outside of the back door, and Jerry sneaks behind him and kicks him out of the car. Tom scratches his head on the pavement, but manages to make it back to the vehicle. He sees Jerry, and tries to grab him, before finally resorting to smacking him with a pan. However, he accidentally hits his owner, who responds by smacking him with the pan several times. This causes him to get into trouble with traffic, provoking the guy to yell in road rage, "THE SAME TO YOU, MAC!", allowing Tom and Jerry's fight to resume. Jerry runs under the front seat, prompting Tom to search for him with his hand. During this time, he jumps onto the gas pedal, causing the car to rapidly increase its speed. The owner then notices his hand searching under the seat, and, believing it to be the cause, steps on it, causing his hand to swell and turn red. Jerry then beings tempting Tom with a first aid kit, who tries to smack him but misses, crying and causing his hand to hurt further. He then chases Jerry outside, all the way to the front hood of the car. Tom's owner notices him, and responds by slowing the car down, causing him to fall off the car and scrape his fanny on the pavement. Tom then runs off to a nearby pond to cool off, evaporating all the water in the process. He then returns to the road and searches for the owner, who appears and grabs him by the neck. As punishment, Tom is placed in the front seat for the remainder of the trip, though Tom manages to squeeze himself back into the back of the car.

Before arriving, Jerry disguises one of the owner's shoes as a mouse by drawing a face on it and placing brown flaps on its top. Once Tom and his owner arrive at the lake, they are ready to fish. Tom out of through the back and to the front of the car. He then keeps guard as Clobber leaves the car. During this time, Tom notices the owner's shoe, and (believing it to be Jerry) smacks it with an oar. This causes the owner to jump up in pain, hitting his head against the roof of the car and getting stuck, he tries to pull himself out, prompting Tom to flee. However, the owner manages to make it out of the roof and catches Tom in his swimming trunks with a fishing line, and starts beating him up off-screen. As punishment, the owner makes him carry all the gear to the boat.

On the boat, Tom sees Jerry in the basket and uses a pump to get him out. Angry, Jerry swims back to the boat. Tom and his owner are fishing in peace. Jerry attaches a fishing line on the owner while he and Tom were fishing. This causes Tom to get into a lot of trouble.

After a heavy off-screen thrashing, Jerry and the owner are now fishing together, throwing their catches into Tom's face who is tied up in the catch basket, where the cat sobs at his predicament as the cartoon ends.


  • First appearance of Tom's new owner for the era (A character whose design is rather close to that of Clint Cobbler, another character created by Gene during his time at TerryToons, though more round and less sharp.), who would make two more appearances after this: High Steaks and Sorry Safari, before being phased out.
  • When Tom's owner first appears he is seen from the waist down, paying homage to the way Tom's previous owners were usually depicted.
  • In this short, Tom Jerry and the owner all wear the same type of swimming trunks (red with white spots), in different sizes of course.
  • This is the only short in which Tom attempts to run away from his owner, normally he's too scared to move.
  • Like the previous cartoon, the 1960's MGM logo plays first, and then the "A Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Cartoon" title card appears separately from the MGM logo, with the Tom and Jerry theme music (archive recording by Scott Bradley) playing without the MGM lion roaring sound effect over it. This is the only cartoon to ever feature the Tom and Jerry theme music by Scott Bradley (without the MGM lion roaring sound effect over it) in its entirety, as Switchen Kitten cut off the theme abruptly for some reason.
  • This cartoon, and the next one It's Greek To Me-Ow! are the only two Gene Deitch-era Tom and Jerry cartoons copyrighted to Loews Inc. instead of MGM.





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